When the Essential Phone initially debuted earlier this year at its introductory price of $699, it left critics and consumers alike feeling quite polarized. The handset has some of the best hardware of any phone released this year, but the myriad of camera and performance issues made the Essential Phone difficult to recommend.

Numerous software updates and a substantial price cut later, and the Essential Phone is now more appealing than it's ever been. Essential has made massive improvements to the camera speed and quality, and the recent drop from $699 to $499 made it much easier to swallow with the shortcomings the device still has.

On top of that $200 price drop, Best Buy recently took another $50 off for a final price of only $449. Here's what some of our forum users had to say about this latest discount.


Dang... There are quickly becoming ZERO reasons not to buy this phone.


Thanks very much for the heads up. I just placed my order for the white. Also, sent in a return request for my Pixel 2 XL. I will be saving exactly $529. Yeah, I can live with an inferior camera and a tad less speed for that!


Man, this is getting REALLY compelling. I’ve been debating between this, a Pixel 2, or the iPhone X. I’m usually one to try to have the latest and greatest, but the money savings on this thing is really starting to make sense over those other two phones. Man, what to do?!


I bought white via Amazon last week, and got 10% off due to one day late in shipping, so $449. Also, they will split payments into 5 months, which what attractive. So far I'm liking the phone. Still getting use to the "small" big screen vs. my Nexus 6P. It's much faster (of course). I would love to have a "perfect" camera (i.e. iPhone X or Pixel 2), but certainly not at twice the price! ...


With all that said, we'd like to know – Will you be purchasing the Essential Phone for $449?

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