It was only in late January that we got a look at General Mobile's DSTL1 Android phone, and it was also displayed at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Android users are anxious for more Android hardware, and Yuhua, a Chinese company also behind the DSTL1, says they are ready to deliver.

Their new Android phone that is ready for manufacture is the Xphone-SDK and it sports a 3-inch Sharp touchscreen, tri-band GPRS/EDGE radio, and a 3MP camera. Here are the specs:

  • Processor — Marvell PXA-310 624Mhz
  • Memory — 128MB SDRAM; 256MB internal ROM
  • Flash — MicroSD card slot for up to 16GB external
  • Cellular — 900/1800/1900MHz GPRS/EDGE
  • Display — 3-inch TFT WQVGA (240 x 400)
  • WiFi — 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth — Bluetooth 2.0
  • Camera — 3Mpix camera (no flash)
  • Video playback — H.264, streaming, 3GPP, MPEG4, Codec 3GP
  • Audio playback — G-streamer based engine supports major codec media files, including MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, MPEG4, WAV, MIDI
  • Image support — JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • Web and messaging — HTTP, WAP Push, xHTML, SMS, MMS
  • Other features — Data kits for USB/JTAG connectivity
  • Battery — 1000mAh
  • Operating system — Android (Linux/Java)
It looks sleek, sexy, and will run Android. Give it to us now, please!

[phandroid via LinuxDevices, AndroidAuthority]

Reader comments

Yuhua Announces Xphone-SDK Android


this looks like a terrible phone... i mean the shell is nice but if you can read those specs and still want it with android on it you must not use android much... key problems are: 1. resolution, android doesn't play well with anything less than whvga and this phone is wqvga thats half the resolution and its on a bigger screen with means dpi is less than half that of say a g1 or iphone. terrible.

  1. No 3g, android is constantly pinging servers and is a bandwidth hog at times but that is why we love it cause everything we need is always there and ready for us anytime and no 3g means forget about all that.

  2. Battery, ok this is the most important i think, the biggest prob with g1 is batt life and we have 1150 mah with a 2.8 inch screen now this phone is going to attempt to sell with only 1000 mah? not much less but bigger screen smaller battery on an os that gobbles up power? I wanna know who thought this up?

in summary i doubt any american carrier will pick this phone up do to the problems listed and customers would be unhappy immidietly, furthermore this phone is an insult to android in that it doesnt even stand up to the g1 for specs when this os is capable of so much, someone give us a power phone that blows everything away and put android on it. you want os recognition? Thats what you do.