T-Mobile and Android

This is probably one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. T-Mobile chief marketing officer Cole Brodman took to the company's blog this morning to address the persistent rumors (and cries) that the carrier will, should or never will get the iPhone.

The post, titled "About the iPhone - a Letter to T-Mobile Customers," begins:

We’ve heard from many customers who love their T-Mobile service, but are disappointed that we don’t carry the iPhone. To these customers, first, thank you for your business.  Please know that we think the iPhone is a great device and Apple knows that we’d like to add it to our line-up. Today, there are over a million T-Mobile customers using unlocked iPhones on our network. We are interested in offering all of our customers a no-compromise iPhone experience on our network.

Can't help but wonder how T-Mobile's vision of a "no-compromise iPhone experience" differs from Apple's. Obviously there's some sort of divide, otherwise we'd see an iPhone officially on Magenta already.

But no matter. Brodman and T-Mobile are more than happy to sell you an Android phone. He continues:

In the meantime, we continue to bring to market some of the most advanced, cutting-edge Android devices. Today, I had the chance to take the stage at the Mobilize event in San Francisco and introduce our fastest 4G smartphones ever, the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze. We’re very confident that these Android smartphones rival or beat any smartphone out there in terms of functionality, speed, overall experience and features – including the iPhone.

Can't say we disagree -- we're pretty stoked about the HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II -- but that's probably not going to do much to assuade the iPhone faithful. Hit the link below for the full post.

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T-Mobile to iPhone faithful: How about a nice Android phone?


Oh he is; this is what a mixed emotion face looks like. It’s a consolidation of 5 faces… the excited face (boing!), the bewilderment face (is this really happening), the respect face (glory hallelujah), the hesitation face (where do I put my hand?) and the face of fear (what’s the wifee going to think?)

I know right?! Honestly I noticed the speechless look on phil's face and chuckled before I gave her a stare. Nice figure in advertisements and cute but if you couldn't have a one on one convo with this girl without scorching your shorts then you need to get out more lol.

Mmmmmm..... Carly! So Gorgeous...

Phil, I am envious.

PS. She could sell me an android phone.... oh wait... lol

Have a feeling Carly took a HUGE Purrell shower after this event.

Phil, I think they "no compromise experience" means using a carrier iPhone versus an unlocked one as unlocked has it's issues.

I figure the compromise is the lack of T-mo. 3G, since the current iPhone doesn't have the T-Mobile 3G band.

The "no ring" appearance is something that has been done for eons to make it seem like an icon such as Carly is 'gettable". It's just good marketing.

Not saying she is married or engaged, but just because you don't see a ring doesn't mean she's available.

I think what he means by no-compromise is that T-Mobile customers can utilize 3G, something they currently cannot do on an unlocked iPhone.

And u aided in ruining it further with your off-topic response to his off-topic reply ... And wouldn't ya know it so did I! ..... Oops :-P

That plus having to purchase unsubsidized or used as the only options.

On a side note, one of the local carriers here that just upgraded their GSM network from 2G to what they are calling "4G" is offering a $450 account credit if you bring an unlocked iPhone on to their network.

Phil, I bet you had you're cameraman "fumble" with the camera for 30 seconds or so before taking the picture so you could get in a longer side hug there... at least that's what I would do :)

Phil, is AC hiring? I'm sure I can be of some use! I'll work for Free, just take me with you. :P

Unless there's a picture that I'm not seeing you wouldn't be able to tell if she's wearing a ring from that picture or not. You don't wear a ring in the middle of your ring finger

Click on the picture, then click on the bottom right hand corner on the X thingie to make the picture bigger still... nope, no ring.

Doesn't mean she's not married... there is some effective marketing around making sure your model is approachable / attainable.

I really am thinking about getting that GS2 but I have the Sensation. Got it in July and it will get ICS. . . . furthermore. I rather wait for the next Nexus device and I'm not sure I can trust Sammy will update the damn phones when ICS is ready for prime time on the other devices. They rather ship out a new phone than put the time and effort into updating the ones they have out now. I think I rather wait, I'm ready for Stock. And I hope its faster than the GS2.

That's still one hell of a phone.

As for T-Mobile getting the iPhone, Hell, why not?? I know we are all android fan boys here but iPhone is a really nice piece of hardware and the new software "Enhancements" are nice. Even tho apple copied everything and everyone. . . but who does'nt. It would be a smart move on Apples end. Let the Prime, GS2, and iPhone 5 go head to head and see who wins in overall experience, speed and market share.

Who do you think will win?

In the end options are better for the consumer and the more we have on the carrier the more likely we are to stick with them. Good Service included.

The iphone is already on many carriers (oustide of the U.S.A. ) and look how it is doing against the likes of Android in those places....That tells you the story of how it would affect the U.S. market if it were made available on all U.S. carriers. T-Mobile needs the potential revenue and subscribers, and the iphone is just another means to an end. The carriers could care less about the specific products, as long as they are profitable in the distribution and support lifecycles of the products. However, Android allows the carriers to fully own the customers and to profit from the post sales market, whereras apple pretty much owns the customers, post iproduct sale, and the carriers only own the customer at the service and support tiers.

I agree with you, but one more thing you forgot to mention, Apple getting % off the contract on the Iphone too, that`s why all the carriers rising their E.T.F and changing the date plan rate too. So they can keep up with the cost. basically Apple OWN the customers and the carriers in anyway we looking to it.

Reminds me of the scene from 'knocked up' where Seth R looks at Katherine H. And says 'wow, you're prettier than me!'
No offense Phil.

And to think I clicked on this from twitter with no picture... Only to find Phil showing off his favorite photo (not that I blame him) with some "news." lol

Sure an iPhone that works on T-Mobile natively would be sell but I think it will have the same effect as Verizon. Not as big as you hoped, since Android is the current ruler of the universe.

I, for one, like her smile. She has healthy-looking gums and a big smile that looks somewhat genuine to me.

Where is Phil's right hand in that pic, I wonder? I never know where to put my hand when doing one of those "photo with a girl that's not your wife" deals. If you don't pay enough attention or get nervous, you can forget and treat the person like your wife with a hand on the bum. LOL

I concur. There's nothing wrong with her mouth.

I have a bit of a thing for Carly. She's my type or at least pretends to be. I like the wholesome, girl next door type. My girlfriend knows about it and doesn't care. I have a cool girlfriend.

There are two things that prove that nerds have as big or bigger libido than "normal" people. One is the fun house scene in Revenge of the Nerds when Lewis shows Betty what geeks are capable of. The other is the responses to any article on AC that features a picture or video of a spokesmodel with even a modicum of attractiveness.

Just remember guys for every beautiful woman that is famous there are hundreds if not thousands that are just as beautiful walking amongst us. You just have to go out and interact with them.

I am glad T-mobile isn't getting the iPhone. It might just mean less chance of network congestion like I've heard plagues AT&T. Verizon's huge network may be able to handle it but I am skeptical if T-Mobile could. And I'm a happy T-Mobile customer :-)
... patiently awaiting the Nexus Prime.

Does anyone remember all those MyTouch 4G commercials?
I only buy things that are faster than the iPhone.

He might be referring to t-mobile users compromise not T-Mobiles/Apples. Since using an AT&T iPhone lacks 4G support. Does it even allow 3G?