Motorola Charm on T-Mobile

Looks like the Motorola Charm -- that square QWERTY-keyboard guy with Motoblur -- is going to be a back-to-school special for this fall, going for free on T-Mobile, according to this promo sent to TmoNews, which is a sight better than that other pricing we've seen. Also confirmed is that it's going to be called the Charm and not the Basil, so it's good we have that straight. And now, back to your regularly scheduled holiday weekend, already in progress. [TmoNews]

Motorola Charm on T-Mobile


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T-Mobile Charm touted as a back-to-school special


Ugly as it is at least its android. Plus it will give the kids plenty to do while in class. All I had when I was in high school was an old Nokia.

Back to school special? When I went to school, we were more concerned with binders, notebooks, pencils, and books. Makes one feel old.

"Back to School" specials and it's only July 3rd? That's as bad as those department stores that begin their Christmas specials in August.

But thanks for the article. I'll be on the lookout for those devices when my students return in September. :)

I think this phone will be received very good cause the form factor is like blackberry, and some people is goin to like it cause of that and that the OS is Android.

I hope they update this to 2.2 sometime in the future