Well, lucky you! Due to the holidays, the time each device takes, the depth of each article...and of course a bit of irresponsibility on our part (sorry!) we're going to extend the Smartphone Round Robin until January 10th! So though you won't be able to rock the T-Mobile G1 as your daily driver (if you win, of course) when the ball drops to 2009, you'll certainly have 10 more days to enter the Win a Smartphone contest!

So to remind you of what you can win here at Android Central: the T-Mobile G1, the BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset, and SPE Screen Protectors. Not a bad deal to ring in the new year! And to make it even easier for any latecomers who've just heard about the Round Robin or even if you want a refresher on all the reviews from an Android User's perspective, we've tidied up a list of all the eligible posts after the break.

So what are ya waiting for? Comment on any of the posts to give your chance a shot at winning! You have until January 10th! Heck, we'll even make THIS post a Round Robin contest post! 

This is an Official Round Robin Contest Post, Comment To Win a T-Mobile G1! – Details Here

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Video Review

Questions on iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Final Review

Answers to iPhone 3G Questions


AT&T Fuze

Fuze Video Review

Fuze Final Review

Answers to Fuze Questions


Blackberry Bold

Bold Video Review

Questions on Bold

Bold Final Review

Answers to Bold Questions


Palm Treo Pro

Treo Pro Video Review

Questions on Treo Pro

Treo Pro Final Review


T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1 Video Review


Others on the T-Mobile G1

TiPb Rene's Video Review

Help Rene in the Forums!

TiPb Rene's Final Thoughts on the T-Mobile G1

Crackberry Kevin's Video Review

Help Kevin in the Forums!

Crackberry Kevin's Final Thoughts on the T-Mobile G1

TreoCentral Jennifer's Video Review

TreoCentral Jennifer's Final Thoughts on the T-Mobile G1

WMExpert Dieter's Video Review


Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable

Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable 1

Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable 2


Reader comments

The Smartphone Round Robin Extended to January 10th!


This is is unexpected lol. I'm glad people have more chances to win but it will also make more people chances to win slim.Hoping for the reviews to be over and get a phone for one of friends when I see which is the phone for her.

I'd love to get a G1 to replace my current Sidekick LX, and seeing as Cupcake will be coming to the phone, this really makes me want one all the more! Its cool that you guys are extending the contest.

Love that it has been extended. After I traded my BB for a G1, my fiance wants to do the same. Hope we can make that happen ;)

Great choice extending this! I appreciate your round robins they give us great incite on these devices. Keep up the good work!

Well I'll throw down another comment. I tend not to plan my life around on line contests, so if you guys need to push the date back, it wont be an imposition. LOL!

Some people...

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! i've read almost all of the reviews and definitely have a better understanding and interest in other smartphones. but particularly interesting were the reviews of the android os and i'm finding this os has heaps of potential... and hope it can fulfill it!

Upon further review, the G1 does look promising, mostly because it's a 3G (Android) smartphone on T-Mobile.

Awesome, i find myself especially interested in android for some reason. But i hate tmobile and at&t. I am on verizon. Is there any chance of verizon getting an android phone any time soon? I know they wont get the G1, but that lenovo unit would be nice :) lol yeah right.

but seriously, will android ever end up on verizon? i mean verizon wont be able to lock stuff down on android, so i cant see how it will ever accept android. unless they load it with crippled closed source crap to cripple it.

Well all right, then! Although I have my favorite, these are all good phones. I'd love to win any of them.

i had a sidekick 3 and it broke, i've heard a lot of cool stuff about these smart phones so winning one would be awesome, because i have no extra money and t mobile wont help me lol... probably going to switch operators soon

Curmudgeon here. It is usually a bad idea to change contest rules, especially at the end. People make plans to do other things and are just ready to finish. And, frankly, more opportunities for people to proclaim "I want this phone" or "this phone is junk" aren't going to enhance the discussion or make this a better site. My choice would have been to go with what we had and not drag it out any longer--48 days is enough! Just my (unworthy) opinion.

I have to agree with Dr Tyrell. I was looking forward to the contest being over and having winners picked. Doesn't really make sense to me to add 10 more days to the contest, but hey, what do i know.

does this count as an entry? cna you post in the same blog comments more than once as long as its a different day?