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If you’re looking for a way to protect your Samsung Captivate, but don’t want a case that adds bulk or weight, consider the Smartphone Experts Skin Case.

Available in three colors, the SPE Skin Case is a one-piece item that fits snuggly around the Captivate. It’s made of highly flexible material that can be bent and shaped, so no need to worry about breaking it.

Once it’s on your Captivate, it feels good in the hand and doesn’t add bulk in the pocket. The anti-dust coating ensures that the case and your phone stay clean.

I have enjoyed my time with this skin case because of the light, rubbery feel. Some of the Captivate cases feel alright at first, but then become more of a hindrance. Thus far, I have not felt the need to switch the case or take it off because it’s so unobtrusive; it allows you to focus on the phone and not the phone and the case, which is often what happens.

Captivate owners: if you’re looking for a simple, protective layer to fit around your phone, consider the SPE Skin Case, available from the Android Central Store for $9.95

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gicuenitro says:

Bodyglove FTW! This case just makes the phone look like it has a fat lip. I barely notice my bodyglove I got at at&t when I bought the phone. The best of both worlds IMO.

gicuenitro says:

Wow, always wanted to to be first post. Now, not so special anymore....

mitchcoleman says:


cpk86 says:

Is this a review or an infomercial...

dwt10 says:

Look at this. Doesn't scratch. Doesn't make a mess. Just 4 payments of 19.99. So order now and get 4 free*

By free we mean 14.99

Nimocone says:

I considered this a good review. I'm still looking for a good case and this answered questions for me.

sadiruru says:

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