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As soon as the U.S. sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was lifted, Samsung leaped back into the legal offensive, tacking on the iPhone 5 to its own patent claims against Apple. The fresh complaints are an amendment to Samsung's original lawsuit, but surprisingly don't have anything to do with LTE (a technology for which Samsung holds a handful of patents). The patents in question include six utility patents and two UMTS standard essential ones, which are all listed below. 

You may recall that Samsung had tried to get their hands on the iPhone 5 prior to any announcement to see if it applied to any of the complaints they were laying against the then-current breed of iOS smartphone, but was flatly denied. Now that the iPhone 5 is out though, it's fair game.  

If you're into the legal nitty-gritty, the amendment by Samsung is embedded below. Things are looking grim for Samsung in this case right now, but they aren't out of the fight yet. Do you guys think they'll be able to strike back at Apple, or at least fend off the beefy infringement fine

Source: CNET

Samsung's revised Patent Complaint against Apple to include iPhone 5


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Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent complaints against Apple


I realize that companies have to protect their intellectual property, but has anyone thought about how all these lawsuits affect the price of the products they make? I wonder what percentage of what we pay for a product goes to cover the cost of legal issues - offensive and defensive. Some of these lawsuits boarder on the ridiculous, and I think it just results in products being more expensive.

Agreed--lawsuits are bad for consumers at pretty much every level and in every way. I'm not going to sue my neighbor because his driveway is shaped similarly to mine--not would I bother trying to patent the shape of my driveway.

It's an over-simplified example, but you get the idea. Quit suing over stupid crap like rectangular shapes with rounded corners, tech companies. We don't like it. That goes for ALL of you!

Yeah, but Samsung has gone on record indicating they wanted none of this. It's been 100% Apple pushing the lawsuits. After all of this, I don't blame Samsung for pushing back... I mean, they did just lose 1 billion to this b.s.

I am a fan of both platforms, but Samsung did blatantly copy Apple. Even Google told them not to do it.

I agree that earlier versions of TouchWiz did look a lot like IOS, which is one of the reasons why I would not touch the first Galaxy's. And if Apple would have sued them for that I would not have blamed them. But the latest version of TouchWiz looks nothing like IOS. And all of these other lawsuits about how to unlock the phone or search the device is absolute BS.

Apple was not the first company to develop a "Smartphone" they took the idea just like Google and many others... what if one of the first smartphone company's (like, IBM, Nokia, or Palm) would have made the patent something like, "Smartphone, a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone"... if this would have happened Iphone, or android, probably would not even exist today, and just think how much that would suck for all of us consumers to not have all of these choices in phones.

i'll second that. This is starting to get stupid. Apple and Samsung should be FORCED to go through some sort of mediator with no option of going to court whatsoever. I know, that seems a but extreme, but something should be done before this gets out of control.

At this point a drip-drip-drip legal attack by Sammy looks stupid. Either they must hit back in a way Apple cant ignore (because it kills their main product) or wait until they can. Sammy lost the big legal case, they are loosing the PR war and this kind of thing will probably loose them customers as well. I just don't see the point.

I would disagree on the PR war, the iPhone 5 has received pretty lukewarm reviews and much of the comparison has been against the S3. I know a few Apple diehards who are even talking about jumping ship for an S3 (I doubt it will happen, but they've never even admitted to considering it before).
Samsung may have lost that stage of that battle in the ridiculous patent war, but they're making the best hardware out there right now and consumers are noticing. They don't care about patents or who did it first, they car about good, sexy hardware.

What's good for the goose should be great for the gander. Apple will always be the leader in litigations cause they never innovates. The current iphone 5 is really a iphone 4s with a larger screen and Lte. Nothing special no matter how hard they try this device is for clueless joe's people who are uneducated simpleton's with no knowledge of technology. Just turn on your little iphone and here music. I hope Samsung gets that USA ban of the iphone 5.

You need to read the specs on the 5 before you make such ignorant comments. Seems like you are the uneducated simpleton, as you are slamming people for their choice of phone. Get a life. They are just phones!

BTW, I am not a "clueless joe". I have had Android since the original Droid, and recently switched to iPhone 4S. I have probably forgotten more about technology than you have ever known.

For the record, my roommate uses an iPhone 4S and is a financial genius. Far from the "uneducated simpleton" that you make iPhone users out to be. Let's not be ignorant man.

"Apple will always be the leader in litigations cause they never innovates."

Though I will agree that they haven't innovated much of late, they are the reason you even have a Galaxy S3 and are waiting for a Note 2. If Apple hadn't entered the mobile arena, you would be using a Blackberry or a Blackberry style phone. Just keeping it real.

I'm die-hard Android, but I do agree... Apple did open the flood gates for the current generation of smartphones. It was only time though before someone else did it. The main issue was getting hardware makers away from the damn stylus. I'll always thank Apple for making the public norm for these devices, but I am SO sick of the litigation. Apple today reminds me of a tight wad 60 year women with an overpriced purse, too much makeup, little doggy and overpriced jewelry.

i think you're forgetting HTC and nokia , without the iphone smartphones would still be well in existance

I've had a couple of friends skip on the 5 because the only difference they could make between it and their 4s was the bigger screen. To them the 5 wasn't a big enough upgrade to warrant buying it.

Well that's common sense. Plus they're on a 2 year contract so their upgrade might be due a bit after the next iPhone is released in 2013.

Samsung has been doing well this past year and will continue to do well with exciting new innovating products like the Note II and next year when they release the S4.
What will Apple bring to the iPhone 5s next year? I imagine not a whole lot.

We all know that both companies will continue to do very well for the foreseeable future. Let's just not get too cocky. The tables seemed to have turned in Androids favor--for now-but you never know what time will do to these situations. No one stays on top forever, and that's just a fact.
As long as Android continues to maintain enough popular visibility, where it receives fair attention from the great developers, OEMs, innovative accessory companies, etc--then I'll be fine. Isn't that all we ever wanted in the beginning--to be taken seriously by the industry players who can greatly extend this platform?
If Apple does technology better next year, so be it. Everyone has their time to shine. I'm just damn proud of what Google and Samsung(among other forces)have done for Android this year. Never have people been so aware that Android exists; and for those that saw something special from the beginning, this moment is long overdue