Hey all you G1 users out there! The Smartphone Round Robin is currently going on and the device at the Android Central Headquarters is the iPhone 3G. We've been using it for the better part of the week and feel pretty good about it. If you want a refresher, feel free to check out Android Central's Video Review of the iPhone 3G.

Well, since the Smartphone Round Robin is all about showing smartphone users how the world lives on the other side, we'd thought it'd be a good idea to see your questions about the iPhone 3G and how it compares to the G1. We can't promise to answer them all but we'll definitely give it our best shot!

So have at it, would ya...What do G1 users want to know about the iPhone 3G?


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Round Robin: Questions About the iPhone 3G?


G1 is clearly the superior device. The physical keyboard is what I think propels this over the iPhone in my mind.

Actually... What I really wanna know is whether there are a lot of good free apps on the apps store through the iPhone. I can't believe some of the good quality apps on the G1 that are free. Does the iPhone compare? And does it offer push email?

Two questions, actually: First, do you need to be connected to a computer to sync your email application? Next, do you need to use iTunes to sync mail, contacts and calendar?

I find iTunes and Outlook to be huge memory hogs. Thanks!

hows the memory management on this, i know on the blackberry you always worry about low memory. does the iphone have this issue? or does it terminate the program when you switch from one to another?

what's one thing the g1 could learn from the iphone, and one thing the iphone could learn from the g1?

How easy is it to background a task on the iPhone, or is it possible at all? I've heard that multitasking is not available, but can operations be backgrounded while run on the terminal?