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While increasing market saturation and fierce competition in the smartphone space may be a concern, the latest market share stats from IDC show no evidence of Samsung's global lead evaporating anytime soon. Numbers published for the first quarter of the year show the Korean electronics giant with a clear lead over its biggest rivals, having shipped 85 million devices in the first three months of 2014.

Samsung shipped more phones than its top four rivals put together.

The stats show that Samsung shipped more smartphones than Apple (43.7m), Huawei (13.7m), Lenovo (12.9m) and LG (12.3m) combined, though that's not counting the 113.9 shipments by manufacturers grouped into the "other" category. Although Samsung's volume of shipments increased significantly year-on-year (up from 69.7 million in Q1 2013), its market share fell slightly from 31.9 percent to 30.2 percent. Apple, Samsung's bitter rival, reached a new first-quarter record with 43.7 million shipments, an increase of 16.8 percent on Q1 2013; like Samsung, its overall market share fell from 17.1 percent last year to 15.5 percent this year.

Chinese phone makers Huawei and Lenovo also saw strong year-on-year gains, increasing shipments by 47.3 percent and 63.3 percent respectively. And spurred by strong LTE smartphone sales, LG captured 4.4 percent market share. The Korean manufacturer recently revealed that it shipped 5 million LTE-equipped handsets in the first quarter of the year.

Source: IDC


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Q1 2014 smartphone market share stats show Samsung still riding high


Amazing figures considering they are already a major force. Big increases like that are usually more likely to come from the smaller players. Apple have done well too although it would be interesting to see how much of their increase came from the deal with China Telecom!

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It is way past time for one of the 'other' oems to make up significant market share.

What? A supposed Samsung shill saying that?

I am an Android fan with no allegiance to any oem but right now as Samsung goes, Android goes. I do not want that at all...

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Too many people I know are turned off of android because they think all android phones are as cluttered as galaxy phones...

Hopefully other OEMs can grab more market share since they do a much better job skinning android.

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Riiiiiiight. Everyone buys Galaxy phones because they all hate them - even when they cost way more than a Nexus with similar specs *facepalm*

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I see so many Galaxy models. They seem to have one for ever price bracket and screen size. They are literally flooding the market. There is no other OEM that has that kind of presence. Anyone knows how many types of phones Samsung sells?

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Anyone cares? Why is this upsetting you, that Samsung apparently is the only company in the world aware of the different needs of people?

I understand the need to get this out there fast. You gotta make money. I get it. But this would have been nice in a table.

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