Mystery HTC phone

HTC has had something of a leak problem lately, and once again one of its unreleased and unannounced phones has found its way on to the web. The device you see above seems to be the same one that got spied on a subway in Taiwan late last month. Hopefully HTC will end all this speculation and just announce its upcoming lineup once MWC rolls around in a little more than a week. [Mobile01 via Engadget]

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Jesus, C'mon Sprint! Get something lately! even though it looks like an At&t Inspire, which i consider an EVO 1.5, i'll take it.

sheanzyy says:

Any idea where this phone may land?

StuRoid says:

It'll be coming to Europe and possibly Asia just like the Desire and Legend did last year after their announcement at MWC.

i'd bet money that you're right.

desire 2?

EvanJ18 says:

thats what im gonna say too.

PappaFloyd says:

The more I see these HTC phones the better they look, might have to roll with them next time I updrade. My X is all good for me right now. I want better batteries in these new phones, looks like they are starting to get better though.

I woupdnt call the inspire an evo 1.5 maybe an evo 1.2 not 1.5 and I'm going out on a limb here but my guess is that the us desire 2 maybe the telus ( or whatever company is getting it) Desire HD since we already have a deaire 1 ( the desire) and no one in the us has released the desire HD so my guess is UK desire HD = American Desire 2

deraildoax says:

Wait. I thought the two USA variants of Desire HD was the ATT Inspire 4G and the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G?

StuRoid says:

That would be correct sir. This phone won't make it stateside till at least summer or after if it ever does at all and when it does it won't be on any of the big four carriers because they only like to have exclusivity type handsets. So this would likely go to the same smaller carrier that got the Desire.

inhuman says:

This will be the US variant of the Desire HD 2. It might be the desire HD 2. The pyramid might be the US version of the desire hd 2.

bhulman says:

Concidering the camera and LED flash look like downgrades from that found in the Desire HD, I'm doubting it'd be a successor to anything in the Desire range. Maybe a successor to the Wildfire? they're basically giving those away in Europe/UK at the moment.

Of course sprint's gonna have something android related announced soon! Like all other big sprint releases,gotta wait til June...

deadp1xel says:

Sorry guys, this thing looks ugly. I don't like the back of it at all.

icebike says:

How long do you spend looking at the back?
It might be in a case for all we can gather from these pictures.

Go Android! says:

I agree it's ugly. The phone looks conflicted.

And I actually put my Evo face down all the time. I hate putting it face up because I don't want the camera lenses to scratch up. And I do enjoy looking at Evo's sexy back :).

heraldo says:

If phones were woman I'd spend at least 50% of my time looking at the back

dacp283 says:

Another ugly htc black slab.

ramonm2 says:

Sprint HTC Hero2!!!! That's it!!!!

bigdanorama says:

Nexus 2? Haha

I wouldn't call it an Evo 1.2, 1.5 or anything. It is a phone in a family of phones called Evo

Just like you have the Droids & Mytouch family, it's just a member of their phone

But i really wish(like a lot of others) Htc would find a different style of phone :( I am tired of this same look

mavewreck says:

looks alot like my Desire HD, the back is different though. and it seems 2 have a front facing camera

Balthazar B says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the MSM8960 chipset in this thing and let VzW sell it as an LTE+world phone!!!!!

cea1203 says:

The more things change the more they stay the same with HTC!!!

noszero says:

Sorry. Ugly. The EVO ain't that pretty either, but it does what I need.

757boy says:

...once you slap that BODYGLOVE or OTTERBOX case on it you are not going to give a F**K what the back looks like!

i never understood people who complain about the look of a phone. it's a phone. there are only so many form factors to implement. every manufacturer needs a form factor that will let the consumer know that this is that particular manufacturer's phone.

moises1204 says:

the thing is that htc phones they all look a like.

bigdanorama says:

Exactly. Although the US variants look a bit different.

rem_kujawa says:

It would be cool if the black was a soft rubber.

JakeHilltop says:

So ugly. Way too round. The Desire HD and the Inspire for AT&T are beautiful. HTC messed this one up.

Griffspen says:

It's a Droid Incredible sized, Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 4G, Sense 2.0, Allows for sideloading and coming to AT&T.......I hope anyways. :-)

phatpaw says:

The HTC Pyramid?

Tico4674 says:

Please let this be the HTC Pyramid slated to come to tmobile. Finally a legitimate successor to the Nexus one. LOOKS GREAT!

I really like the look of this actually. Maybe this will be the new phone Sprint is announcing?

could this actually be the htc pyramid that coming to tmo?

evoss05 says:

At least we know it will come with HTC sense

Tico4674 says:

oversight says:

Oh no, it's not a pretty phone. It's the end of the world and I'll never be able to use it. Oh no!

Silly me, I always though function was more important.


This thing has that sexy Nexus S shape...I like it!

ace_spades says:

looks very N1-ish

jacko147 says:

Im gonna guess the Pyramid by the fact there is a triangle "Pyramid" in the background, although the current pics of the pyramid conflict with this

snowbdr89#AC says:

its the new incredible sorry sprint suckas your carrier isnt coming out with crap so your stuck with that over rated evo!! atleast you got a smaller version of the evo : )

Toxikhiro says:

what a weird looking phone. 1/2 Thunderbolt, 1/2 Nexus 1. Plus I don't like the ffc inside the speaker grille. looks unappealing and somehow more asymmetrical.