An analyst from Oppenheimer & Co. recently stated that Motorola plans to release 10 smartphones in the second half of this year. This obviously isn't concrete news from Motorola itself, but analysts do have some research (formula? magic? voodoo?) on determining this.

If this is true, this is amazing. 10 smartphones in the second half? Heck, if it's even half true, we'll be happy. There's no telling how many of those devices will run Android but we like our odds if they release 10 devices.

What do you guys think?



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Motorola to Release 10 Smartphones Second Half 2009


Wow! It would be great if Motorola released a bunch of Android smartphones. I plan on purchasing an Android smartphone in the next couple of months & it would be great to have some Motorola devices to choose from as well.

I'm wonder if I can get an Android phone that runs Google Voice client over the 3G network. In theory I can use a 3rd party provider and not have to go with the standard cellphone providers. This probably also gives me the mobile video phone we saw in Star Trek.