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Google+ Hangouts have become one of the most popular uses of the rapidly growing social network. Until now, they were relegated to the desktop, making users pine for mobile support. Today, Google announced that they have made Hangouts available for phones running 2.3+.  This is amazing news and will certainly make the feature more widely used now that they can be done anywhere and on-the-go.

To use the feature, once you see a Hangout in your Stream, just click Join and you should be all set.

The new version of the Google+ app will be rolling out today, so if you don't have it yet, sit tight. For those who don't have the app yet, see the links after the break. For those with friends and family on iOS, they promised Hangouts will arrive soon. Until then, you can tease them about Hanging out right from your Android phone.

Also of note: Google+ has opened registration to everyone -- no more invites needed. Hangouts also can be broadcast for all to see, plus Hangout APIs have been released, and Google's added better search functionality. Check it all out at the link below!

[update] Google announced a bunch new features for the Google+ Android app in addition to Hangouts:

  • US and India users can post, respond and receive notifications via SMS (you need to verify your phone number in settings)
  • Improved + mention support
  • Edit your Profile photo
  • Customize notifications
  • Support to move to SD card
  • Huddle is now Messenger
  • You can share photos via Messenger now (killing Pool Party makes sense now)

Source: Official Google Blog

Google Mobile Blog

There are 25 comments

EvanGMan says:

Oh cool! Let me just fire up my Thunderbolt and -- ... oh, wait.

Mike_is_Mike says:


AppHunter says:

Strange they can get this on all 2.3 phones, but not Google video chat...

This is probably their version of that, instead of putting it in Google Talk.

Ronindan says:

Maybe Mobile nations should just use Google hangouts air when doing podcast. ;-)

They should.

VDub2174 says:

Waiting for the Google+ update :)

mbentley3 says:


Great I can use this on my Infuse with 2.3, oh yeah ATT didn't get it last month as promissed. Maybe by 12/31.

Too bad 70% of everyone with an android phone can't take advantage of this.

Google-Me says:

I only know 1 "friend" on Google+, and she doesn't use it at all. I almost use it as a supplement to twitter, basically following" people. It is so much easier to use than FB, but NOBODY is on it. Here is to hoping that MAYBE they will.

marc300ib says:

i completely agree, almost everything about google+ is better but most of my friend dont use it

Ronindan says:

Time to make some new friends ;-)

bulvine420 says:

All google needs to do is ad a facebook friends button.This thing will pop off then

fstop says:

And "The Facebook" would block that. Isn't technology grand?

technomom says:

Dumb question.

Will this work on phones that lack a front facing camera?

I mean, I have a version of Skype (from XDA) that could manage the feat, can Google+?

You can have my DInc 1 when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

marc300ib says:

the only thing i don't like is now huddle is called messenger, huddle was more unique and not the same as everything else, but that's nothing, the video chat was the feature i was waiting for.

ScottJ says:

I agree. That was kind of silly move. There are already too many "messengers" out there. It's like "explorer" of the 21st century.

Cappurnikus says:

I don't get it... someone has to start the hangout from a computer first? Am I missing something? Why wouldn't you just use google talk or skype if that is the case.

Ronindan says:

It is a lot better then having no hangout functionality at all. And guess what is next in Google do list?

Cappurnikus says:

It just seems half baked. Don't get me wrong, something is better than nothing and I love Google's products. I'd have thought they'd release the functionality when its complete though.

Ronindan says:

Trying to come up with an integrated social network service that can serve pc, macs, tablets, different phone os's is a huge undertaking.

What apple did with facetime or with FB chat; nothing compared to what Google is trying to do with hangouts. Remember facetime is proprietary to the Apple's ecosystem and FB video chat is stuck on desktop pc's.

Beside this is just the start of G+.

xemtra says:

ya how do i start a Hangout from my phone? until then i have no interest

Nirvana328 says:

"Also of note: Google+ has opened registration to everyone -- no more invites needed."

You don't say? So can someone please close this God forsaken spammers' paradise Google+ invitation request thread?

And yet, still not support for Google Apps customers... Last time I checked, I can use my Google Apps-powered e-mail address with Facebook, Twitter AND MySpace!

Epic fail Google, epic fail.

sharmaastha says:

from where to download it??