Charging your phone

There are lots of ways to feed the ever-hungry battery on a modern Android phone. Chances are, most of us have a system of sorts that we use to make sure every time we pick our phone up and press a button or tap the screen to awaken it, it will be alive and ready to respond. This week, we want to hear how you do it.

I'll start. I carry two (sometimes three) phones because of my job — many of you can relate. I have all my "stuff" set up on my Nexus 6 just the way I like it, so it's usually one of them. I have a Tylt wireless charger on my desk, and when I'm working and not using it, the Nexus 6 sits on it. All day, every day. I don't worry about charging it at night, and haven't had a problem yet. My other phone(s) (currently an Alcatel Idol 3 and a Moto E) get charged all night, every night via a charging station on my nightstand. I don't worry about charging in the car, and so far I've had no problems.

I know my use isn't typical. Some days, one phone gets more use than others. Working at a desk makes it easy to keep my "personal" phone fully charged all day and all night. What works for me might not work for you, which is why we want to know how you do it.

The poll is below — you know what to do. Then fill the comments with thoughtful opinions and polite conversation about it all!


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