NPD data on U.S. smartphone ownership by platform

NPD recently released some interesting data regarding U.S. smartphone sales in the last quarter. While iPhones dominated as the top choices by model, with the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S 4G taking up number 4 and 5 spots, there was a clear trend of Android phones being more popular among first-time buyers than Apple's smartphones. 57% of shoppers surveyed by NDP that were picking up their first smartphone went with Android, while that number dropped to 48% for the whole sample group. Android and iOS together command over 90% of the U.S. smartphone market, leaving little room for third place, be it BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or otherwise. 

Beyond platforms, NPD found that the smartphone market overall had increased 18% since last year, commanding 68% of the total U.S. mobile market. They've also found that the average selling price for smartphones is $143, which is an $8 drop from last year. 

It's interesting to see Android claiming so much favor among the noobies, especially when pitted against the supposed king of simplicity and intuitive user interface. Android certainly has the advantage of selection, and may just be flooding first time-buyer's field of view from any alternatives. Personally, I've tended to suggest Android the tech-savvy first and foremost, but what about you guys? Do you consider Android friendly to first-timers?

Source: NPD