In last week's poll we asked if you care about smaller phones. Apple has announced the new 4-inch iPhone SE which kickstarted the conversation, but we really wanted to know is whether size is important to you. Pretty much everyone has an opinion, whether it's in favor of small phones, or defending your large phone's size.

Big phones win in last week's poll

With a serious lead, "No, I love giant phones" came rolling into first place with 42 percent of the vote. "Yes, I need one in my life" trailed behind at 32 percent to come in second place. "Performance is all I care about" wasn't too far behind with 19 percent of the vote, putting it solidly into third place. Last, but not least, with just 7 percent of the vote was "Size is irrelevant".

Do you love your giant phone, or do you wish you had something a bit smaller? Sound off in the comments and let us know about it.