The past decade has seen us all steadily rely on our smartphones and tablets for all our entertainment purposes. In 2017, you can get away with watching all your favorite TV shows, movies, and YouTube content wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet.

Get a three-pack of stands for all your devices!

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It's great and convenient but has also led to other problems like trying to find a way to prop up that phone or tablet for hands-free viewing. There are a number of accessories you can slap on your phone that gives you that extra functionality, but what if you could have a convenient kickstand that fits in your wallet?

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That's where this great deal from Android Central Digital Offers comes in. You can get a 3-pack of slick wallet-sized stands for just $19.99. These cards fold flat, but can be set up in seconds whenever you need. The adjustable aluminum support bar pops into nine different slots, giving you a wide range of viewing angles to choose from. While the size is small, these portable stands will support your phone or a tablet (up to 11-inches) in either landscape or portrait mode. Leave one in the kitchen so it's always there for following along with recipes, or in your bedroom for those late-night YouTube binges.

Give your hands a break from holding your phone all day!

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Typically a 3-pack of these stands would sell for $30 but thanks to this deal from Android Central Digital Offers you can get yours for only $20. Keep one for yourself and give the other two away to friends or family, or horde them all for yourself. The choice is yours!