And the 2nd Annual SPE Smartphone Round Robin begins! We at Android Central have given up our beloved G1 in favor of the other smartphones in the SPE Network. Though we've only had the T-Mobile G1 for a month, we're already missing the plethora of input options, Android Market, and that nifty slide mechanism. Hopefully we can survive.

The first device we're going to be reviewing? The iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3G and the G1 have been linked with one another ever since people began whispering about a Google Phone and rightly so. They are the most exciting smartphone platforms because they offer a fresh start: there's no deadweight of history or dated processes that hold them back.

But behind the comparisons and their similarities lies completely different philosophies in building a smartphone platform. Aside from the great features that they both have (superb touch screen, great web broswer, an application store, etc.) the two platforms really couldn't be more different.

So with that brief bit of history between the two devices, we're jumping into a quick look at the iPhone with a video! To give you a bit of a preview: I absolutely love multi touch. love the form factor. love the ease of use. My gripes? Well, you'll have to stay tuned the rest of the week to read my full review!

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