In last week's poll we asked how important the camera on your phone was. Many people always carry around their phone, and primarily use the camera there. That means that deciding whether the camera on your phone matters will directly impact how awesome all of your photos look. Trying to decide how much the camera on your phone matters can be difficult when faced with choices, but it's worth thinking about.

poll results

First place was snatched up by "Very important" snatching up a respectable 58.6 percent. "Kind of important" took second place, with 25.18 percent of the vote. "Not particularly important" managed to take third place with 8.81 percent of the vote. In fourth place, with 3.45 percent of the vote was "not very important", followed by "Not important" in last place with only 2.96 percent of the vote.

Is there something more important than the camera on your phone? Be sure to pop into the comments and let us know!