While North Korea originally trumpeted the indigenous technology of their Arirang AS1201 Android phone, turns out it's actually the spitting image of China's Uniscope U1201. The images were posted by Japan's Blog of Mobile, as GSM Insider explains —

The images obtained from Japanese source revealed that the Arirang AS1201 is actually based on the Uniscope U1201 or the Uniscope U1201 is based on the Arirang AS1201. Of course, we are not sure which one was built first. We assume that the Arirang AS1201 is based on Uniscope U1201 and built by the Chinese firm.

There are minor differences, including branding, but otherwise it's too close to call. Both include the same 960x540 display, 1GHz Spreadtrum LC8810 processor, 4GB of solid-state storage, and 8 megapixel and 2 megapixel cameras, front and back.

What this all means and why it even exists remains a mystery, but feel free to jump into your mind palace and speculate away in the comments!

Source: Blog of Mobile via GSM Insider