Following MLB's lead of introducing their At Bat application for Android during the World Series, NBA has one upped them by delivering their official application during Opening Week and offering live streaming of every NBA game through NBA League Pass Mobile for Android. We're not kidding. Live streaming over 3G or Wi-Fi of every single game of the NBA regular season (blackout restrictions apply).

The app will cost $39.99, a significant cost to pay, but well worth it if you're an avid NBA fan always on the go. It's a whole season's worth of games! What's cool about NBA League Pass Mobile is that some games will still be available to watch after they've aired and there's DVR functionality to rewind that last Lebron James dunk or Kevin Durant swish.

The NBA also introduced NBA Game Time and Game Time Lite. The Lite version is free and comes with Live scores, player stats, standings, and team schedules. The $9.99 Game Time includes streaming game audio of Home and Away radio broadcasts, game alerts, game highlights and video recaps, and everything in Game Time Lite.

Note that NBA Game Time and Game Time Lite are available for the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G with Android 1.5 or higher. NBA League Pass Mobile is available for the same devices with Android 1.6 or higher. No word on the HTC Hero or any upcoming Android device. There also doesn't seem to be any discount for NBA League Pass subscribers.

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