HTC's 2018 so far has been...less than ideal. The Desire 12 and 12+ debuted this past March as new budget offerings and the flagship U12+ launched with almost unusable fake buttons that have since been fixed with a much-needed software update. Oh, and that blockchain phone is coming at some point.

According to HTC's Twitter account, we'll get to meet the company's latest entry in its U series in which "beauty and power meet."

This teaser offers no indication as to what the company's planning, but one possibility is the HTC U12 Life.

HTC's yet to make any mention of the phone, but seeing as how the U11 Life was announced a few months after the U11, the timing makes sense.

The announcement will take place on August 30, so we don't have too much longer to wait to see what HTC's cooking up.

HTC U12+ review: They fixed the buttons! [Updated]