Communicating using technology has become second nature for most of us. We use our phones to talk to coworkers, friends, and family alike. Phones have been a part of how we communicate with the people in our lives for decades. However, the way we communicate using them has definitely changed since smartphones because a normal part of life. That's because we text and use messenger clients more than actually talking on the phone.

With access to emoji, or taking advantage of voice to text, it's often easier to just send a message than trying to get a hold of someone by calling them. That's why in this week's poll we want to know how you use your phone for messaging. We've got 7 options for you this week: "Messenger", "Hangouts", "WhatsApp", "Default SMS app", "Facebook Messenger", "Other" and "nothing."

Is your favorite messaging app not on our list? Do you love to text, but hate getting calls? Let us know about it in the comments!