Android One

Android One, Google's attempt to launch cheap stock Android phones in emerging markets, has not been a sales success since it launched in the fall of 2014. Now a new report says that Google will give phone manufacturers more flexibility in making Android One smartphones.

The Wall Street Journal reports, via its unnamed sources, that phone makers in India didn't like the fact that Google only gave them one or two choices for parts that could be used in Android One smartphones. Those companies also had to buy those parts from Google's suppliers:

In Google's new approach, it lets Android One partners choose from a greater variety of each component, and phone makers can buy the parts from their own approved vendors, according to people familiar with the situation. For instance, there are at least five cameras to choose from now, one of the people said. Phone makers also can use other suppliers for the main processor, such as Qualcomm Inc., the person said.

The report adds that Google will help launch a new Android One smartphone in India with local OEM Lava International sometime in the coming months.

Source: Wall Street Journal