iPhone 7 event

Hold onto your butts: It's time for another iPhone launch event.

The iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) will be the tenth major refresh of Apple's smartphone, and if the rumors are to be believed, the third generation to use the same basic design as the iPhone 6. But there's still plenty of new things to get excited about. Stuff like:

As well as things Android phones have been doing for years, there'll be room for some surprises: Hitherto unknown software features, a new Apple Watch, colorful shirts and great hair — and probably the odd jab at exploding batteries.

Our pals at iMore will have all the live coverage you need in the run-up to the arrival of the feverishly anticipated telephone — so that's your destination for (non-sarcastic) commentary from the top Apple experts out there. The excitement begins at 10 a.m. Pacific time — that's 1 p.m. on the East coast.

You can also bet your favorite AC editors will have insightful snarktweets to offer throughout the entire presentation. The best tweets you've ever seen. They'll be big, bold, game-changing and industry-leading.

And we think you're going to love them.

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