AT&T has reached out to Android Central to let us know that they are offering to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for another phone if you have any concerns over the safety of the device.

If a customer would like to exchange a replacement Note7 for a different device we will do so.

Note 7

The short official statement comes on the heels of a replacement Note 7 phone catching fire on a Southwest Airlines plane that was boarding in Louisville and destined for Baltimore. The phone in question was a device bought as a replacement and is now in the hands of local Louisville authorities.

The Note 7 originally launched with much fanfare, most of which was later tarnished by a notice from Samsung on September 2 to power off the device and return it for replacement, followed by an official safety recall in conjunction with the CSPC and Health Canada. A recent statement from CSPC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye reminds users holding on to an original Note 7 that one of the options provided to them under the recall is to return the device for a full refund.

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Customers on Sprint can also return their Note 7 in exchange for another phone, and T-Mobile suggests customers with concerns use their Buyer's Remorse program and exchange it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7