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    • Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
    • Version: Varies with device
    • Price: Free

    OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) is Microsoft's cross-platform cloud storage service. Much like its competitors, OneDrive offers a free amount of storage (in this case 15GB) with options to raise that storage for a small fee every month or signing up for some promotions. The highest paid tier of OneDrive is just $6.99 per month for 1TB of storage, and also includes access to Office 365 — a pretty great deal.

    You can store documents, pictures and files of all kinds of OneDrive and watch them sync between every device you have a OneDrive app for — including all of the major desktop and mobile platforms.


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    Best Android apps for streaming music from OneDrive

    With Groove Music retiring on Android, you'll have to look elsewhere to stream your music from OneDrive. Microsoft didn't just discontinue Groove Music Pass; they're also retiring Groove Music on iOS and Android later this year. Users that prefer purchasing music, storing it on the cloud, and...

    How to transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Drive and Google Photos

    Are you moving to Android from Windows 10 Mobile? This is how to transfer your photos from Microsoft to Google! If you want to move from a Windows laptop to a Chromebook — or if you're in the process of moving from Windows 10 Mobile to Android — you might want to move your cloud files from...
    OneDrive for Android gets fresh coat of paint, ditches hamburger menu

    OneDrive for Android gets fresh coat of paint, ditches hamburger menu

    OneDrive for Android has picked up a snazzy new look in its latest update. An update to Microsoft's OneDrive app for Android is rolling out, bringing along a fresh coat of paint. While the app still touts OneDrive's signature blue-and-white color scheme, Microsoft has changed up how you...
    Cloud Storage Options

    Cheap Cloud Storage — which one saves you the most?

    Cloud storage is something ever more useful and ever more popular, but there's also a ton to choose from. Updated June 2017: Added current plans and pricing for the various online storage providers. Fortunately, most also have free trials, and any storage provider worth its salt is going to...

    Microsoft's OneDrive adds Pokémon Go image detector as part of latest update

    Microsoft is rolling out new updates to its OneDrive image and file storage service. It includes a way for people to quickly identify and find any images taken from the Pokémon Go game. In a blog post: Microsoft stated: A lot of players take screenshots of their captured Pokémon to show...

    OneDrive users can keep their free 15GB of storage and camera roll bonus after all, if they opt-in by Jan. 31

    Microsoft has decided to give current OneDrive users a chance to keep their free 15GB of cloud file storage space, along with their extra free 15GB if they have the camera roll enabled on their smartphone. The catch is they have to make an effort to go to a special page and opt-in to keep that...

    Microsoft downgrades free OneDrive storage to 5GB, ends unlimited storage for Office 365 customers

    Microsoft has announced radical changes to its OneDrive cloud storage service, ending unlimited storage for Office 365 users. Free storage is also being decreased from 15GB to 5GB for all users. The reason for the scaling back of storage comes after Microsoft found that a few customers were using...

    Indian handset vendor Intex partners with Microsoft to bundle free OneDrive cloud storage

    Intex Technologies, the second largest smartphone maker in India, has announced its association with Microsoft to become the first Android smartphone brand in India to pre-install and provide OneDrive cloud storage. Customers who purchase eligible smartphones will receive an extra 50GB of...
    Microsoft Translator for Android

    Microsoft launches Translator for Android, updates OneDrive and OneNote for Android Wear

    Microsoft is very busy on the Android app front. It has launched a version of its Translator app for both Android and Android Wear, while also updating its OneDrive Android Wear app. Finally, it has released a major revamp of its OneNote Android Wear app. Here's a quick look at the app's...

    How to sync your Android to Windows 10

    It's 2015, and you can actually get through life without ever physically connecting your phone to a computer. (We've done it. It's great. You should try it sometime.) But for some folks it's still the way to go. They just have to plug in every now and then. Others of us? We're all cloud, baby....
    OneDrive for Android

    Microsoft's latest OneDrive update brings Chromecast support

    Microsoft continues to add new features to its OneDrive cloud storage app for Android devices. This week's update adds Chromecast support for the app for the first time. That means if you own Google's HDMI dongle, you should be able to stream your OneDrive photos and videos to your big-screen...
    How to move your OneDrive pictures to Google Photos

    How to move your OneDrive pictures to Google Photos

    OneDrive has its draws as a photo locker, but if you've chosen to move to Google Photos it's a simple process. With great cross-device syncing — particularly if you use Windows devices — and very cheap storage options, OneDrive is a great choice for storing photos and plenty of other things. But...


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