Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon has been cutting the price back on its Fire Phone drastically for the past several months. Now, the company has confirmed it no longer has any more units of the phone to sell.

GeekWire reports:

An Amazon spokeswoman confirmed that the company sold out of its inventory of Fire Phones in the U.S. and globally at the end of August.

The statement would seem to finally end the rather sad saga of the Fire Phone, which launched in 2014 with a high $199 price (with two-year AT&T contract) combined with hardware and software features that didn't impress reviewers or consumers. Amazon quickly cut the price down to just 99 cents for a two-year contract and later removed the contract price altogether. Just before the company sold out of the phone, it had reduced its price to just $130, unlocked and without a contract.

Amazon has not indicated any plans to re-enter the smartphone market, and a recent report claims the company has laid off a large number of employees at its Lab126 unit in an effort to revamp its hardware lineup.

Source: GeekWire