Galaxy S4

If you're considering picking up a new Samsung phone, Radio Shack wants to talk to you -- and they have money to spend on your trade-in

From now until July 7 Radio Shack is offering a trade-in program on purchases of any Samsung phone from Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. Your old phone is guaranteed to get you at least $30, with several phones like the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 netting you as much as $300 in like new condition. The phone you're trading in has to be working, and you'll get more money by including the cables and charger. For more information, have a look here.

This is how you move product folks. Get people interested with special promotions like this one with Radio Shack, then keep them interested once they see the great products you've made. It's no wonder Samsung is making all the money off of Android, because they have the best business plan. Other vendors should take note if they want to compete with the Samsung juggernaut. 


Reader comments

Your old phone could be worth up to $300 off the purchase of any Samsung phone at Radio Shack


From looking at the discount they give, you'd do much, much better selling them on Ebay. Easily twice as much.

In this case, the screen not broken but the glass on the top of it broken.
Which I`s to replace if you know how to do it.

RIGHT?! I guess "Morals" aren't a thing in today's society huh. Unsat for those who actually buy them that expensive.

I dont think morals comes into it... he didn't say they were being falsely advertised as not broken..

Lots of people buy broken phones to repair and flip. Although, that price is pretty high but I can still see it.

You can get more than $300 for both of those phones. Use eBay, Swappa, or Craigslist. You can probably get $450+ for the Note 2 and $500+ for the iPhone 5.

These trade in programs are for suckers. Or I guess for people who are not too concerned with the money or don't want to be bothered selling it.

I sold my GS3 for $315. They want to give like 75 bucks. Huge rip off.

for the Atrix HD, it tells me $61 without the charger. $160 with it. That is one expensive charger.

Online is better. Just tried my brand new note 2 and they say they can give me $128 with cable charger everything. Pardon my speech but that's bull.

Here's the catch!!!(I've worked at that god awful place for 7 years) The minimum only applies to the first phone!!! Afterwards, whatever they feel it is "worth"" is what they will offer. Also take note that Verizon and Sprint phones will net you much less in trade value from them than an AT&T or even T-Mobile phone will get you. That place is on it's way to the grave. Great promo for Samsung indeed, smart marketing. But Radio Shack is dying a very very slow death...........

You can, easily, get $70+ for that Droid X; especially, if you find someone that wants to use it on Pageplus.

Swappa is by far the best place to sell your used phones. The phones I priced on Radioshack were at least 50% less for what phones are currently selling for on Swappa...


Of all the Nerve............ I Never!!!

86 Dollars and 74 cents for a 5.3" 1280*800 263 dpi SuperAmoled+ Screened Phablet in perfect condition... The Nerve!!!

If I were in the store and they quoted me that value, I would have spit my False Teeth all over their counter!

That deal isn't on anymore I work there. What does help you out is that they give u 30 bucks for any crap phone you have laying around.

Isn't this a LOT like the promotion that HTC recently had for the HTC One? Where was the hyperbole about great marketing then?

Further, the MINIMUM payout on the HTC promotion was $100. None of this trade in your phone for ten bucks stuff.

They shouldn't say your devise...The should say any of your Apple devices will get you close to $300...everything else wont be enough to pay for your activation charges.

All these trade in programs have always been like Gamestops game tradein...nearly useless. The only one I've seen that could be a good deal depending on the phone with the one HTC recently did with a 100 minimum. My brother sent in an iPhone 3Gs on that.

Do the AMOLED screens still have those particles on the black screen? I returned my first Galaxy Note II because it had a huge gash-looking mark that was visible on gray backgrounds. Interested in the S4, but hesitant because my GNex experience was AWFUL. Went through 8 phones till the screen was good.