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It's iPhone 5 day. Sigh. The Internet is practically wetting itself over something we pretty much know all about already.

So, here's an open post. Comment your little hearts out. Try to keep it a tad respectful. But otherwise, have at it.


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Your anti-iPhone open thread



I thought I wrote it first :P you beat me by a few seconds. From what I remember, that option has been on most phones for years

"There are some great enhancements to the phone app, including the ability to send an SMS or iMessage back if you can't take the call." - wow, just, wow :)

10:50:43 AM PDT "And those are just a few of the new features in iOS 6. There's some great enhancements to the phone app, including the ability to automatically send an SMS back when you can't take a call."


I'm sorry..I'm calm bad.

Can't believe they're still doing icon-based UI. Guess widgets would put too much strain on the A6 and the battery. Kinda like a bigger screen would do.

Apple-heads are 17 percent of the market and falling... like the stock price will during lower holiday sales.

that 'Lightening' connector looks a lot like a micro USB connector..can the makers of the micro USD sue?

Old technology once again yawn. Move along we've already had this stuff for years in Android. PMSL is this the best they do?

Wow this phone is an utter piece of crap, who would buy this when there are so many better phones with HD screens available? lmao

So can that KIRF Chinese iPhone 5 maker sue for trade dress infringement? They did release their device first.

At least it will help stimulate the economy since all the mind numbed iBots will all have to buy new docks and cables or at least adapters to make them work...

If you have poor signal strength or you live in an apartment complex that gets fed of the same cable with 100+ units yes it can be.
I had a Mi-Fi from VZW that was faster than my Wi-fi during certain hours of the day & definitely faster in my bedroom (as the router is in the study).
I'm probably going to end up buying a wi-fi booster--it's so bad I never use wi-fi in the bedroom. I tether my tablet from my phone and it runs faster than connected to wi-fi.

There was never a "Steve Jobs era" to begin with. Just some dude that stole tech and marketed it to the weak minded masses.

"The video is HD quality. 1080p HD. We wouldn't have expected anything less from the iPhone 5. Comes with improved video stabilisation. Face detection. And can take pictures while recording video. Smooth for a phone."

Copied from an article on the iphone 5. Does any of this sound familiar?

Now we know why Apple is frantically suing Samsung to try to stop the Galaxy S III. Because they were about to put out a "premium" product that is not even at par with the Galaxy S II.

Well, I hope Samsung sues Apple's pants off on LTE. Wouldn't it be something if an LTE suit puts the iPhone 5 sale on hold. On second thought, it wouldn't matter much if they can start selling. Between Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Nexus and the ultra performance of the Galaxy S III, any consumer doing their homework would be compelled to ditch the iPhone.

Android, the brass serpent of smartphones. But they can't even be bothered to look... (1 Nephi 17:41; Numbers 21:9)

AMEN Brother!

If they would swallow their conceited pride and look, they might be saved from their pathetic existence. It's as if they are standing upon their Rameumptom's and they repeat prayers thanking Heavenly Father for making them better than everyone else.

OK, so let's go over every feature and see if Apple literally did ANYTHING new:
4-inch screen - lol no
5 rows of icons - lol no
Thinnest phone ever - not even factually correct
A6 processor - HTC One X and SIII say hi
LTE - lol no
Panorama mode/8 megapixel camera - lol no
1080p video recording - lol no
Smaller dock connector - lolol no
GPS turn-by-turn (walking, public transit) - Google Maps lol
iCloud tabs - Chrome desktop sync lol
Fullscreen Safari - All sorts of browsers lol no
Sharing photos - lol no
Siri movie and sports - Google Now lol no
SMS when you can't take a call - lolololol super no

LITERALLY NOTHING NEW, I mean literally not a single fucking new feature that Android doesn't already do and likely better in many cases. This quite frankly blew so far below my already minimal expectations I'm just dumb-founded. Not even ONE NEW FEATURE? Incredible.

No NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, micro-USB, widgets, SD storage, notification LED, etc. I shouldn't be so happy to see Apple putting out such a fail product but I am. It really is incredible how far Google, Samsung, and HTC have blown past Apple the last couple years.

These were actual status updates from Facebook "friends" before the event about an hour ago:

"T- minus 10 minutes until apple will be receiving more of my money! I'm excited"

"iphone........15 life..."

This is literally brainwashing, I have no other explanation. Apple marketing is God-level.

True, but I don't think the iPhone 5 will win any converts. Apple will basically be selling to people who already own iPhones. There is no new market for them.


I was thinking the same thing. Usually there are some (as much as it hurts to admit) cool / innovative features, but not 1!! Makes me happy!

You hit the nail on the head, that is why they spend so much $$$ on litigation, they have not come up with anything new, they were very excited about being able to take a picture while taking a video, boy that sounds familiar. Oh I think my SGS3 can do that, I bet a hell of allot better. It shows how much farther along Android is then Apple. We will start to hear all the spin doctors spinning their webs to blow this into the next miracle by Apple. I say it is a fucking joke. I am so happy with my Samsung Galaxy S3.

hahahahahahahaha this is so true ^^ It is amazing how apple still hasn't implemented a simple LED notification light. Way to get lapped! Android phones already out shit on the "new iphone" I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

Good summary Peanut Master. I'm actually surprise that not only did Apple not introduce any new tech, but they also left so many items out of the specs as you pointed out. The only advantage I see over my 9 month old GNexus is the camera.

I've come to expect more from Apple these days. Makes me wonder if these patent wars are starting to have an impact on Apple's ability to innovate!

Let's try that again:

Iphone features are lightyears behind android but ios apps are years ahead of android apps. #TheRealTruth

I use both everyday. I have a 4s in my left hand and a Epic Touch in my right. They both have pros and cons. I can list out pages and pages for both.

agreed. android apps are catching up quickly. and the more that update to the new ICS / JB standards the better!!

I was expecting a little more from it really.

That said, I am happy they are moving to a 16x9 aspect ratio. Now ios apps that port over to android will already be at the correct aspect ratio.


Its way behind the latest android phones, but I can bet the legions of Isheep will still go wow! amazing!,

and still queue all night to buy it even though all the 'revolutionary' features are already on thousands of android handsets.

You DON'T NEED big screen on a phone! It's a phone!!!

OMG did you see Apple released a new iPhone with a bigger screen? Apple is SO awesome! SO innovative! iDrool!

ok the "new" iphone is not so much new as a refresh.. all they did was new processor, and bigger screen. and the new itunes store, looks like they stole it from the new windows app store..

if i had stock in apple i would be seriously consider selling right now..

I disagree with all you iDevice hating bigots!
The iPhone is the most wonderful device for calling and texting. Anything beyond that, leave to android. lol. PS. Texting on an iPhone also sucks!

I work for a company that chose iPad over Android Tab for email and reading documents, What a disaster. iPad is NOT a business tool, Only a headache. We should have went with tabs because at lease there are plenty of ways to distribute your documents to the /sdcard/ folder, including a usb cable and windows explorer.

The "new" iPhone is just another addition to the overpriced recycled garbage people wet themselves year after year for the latest and greatest? product. The iPhone was innovative the first time it was released. The End

"The iPhone 5 will come with LTE "... REALLY NOW??? Um, doesn't Samsung own 10% of LTE? lawsuit?? or take in the profits and get some of their billions back? hmmmm... I hate apple -__- Patiently waiting for the Galaxy Note2...

Lawsuit?? if samsung owns 10% what about the other 90%? Clearly samsung is ahead but yet just lost to apple for using technology that didn't belong to them. It speaks for itself.

Actually, if you had followed the case at all, Samsung got sued for "trade-dress" and patents on shapes. If you want to call "a rectangle with rounded corners" technology, I guess.

But, if this verdict doesn't get vacated entirely, the judge should be impeached. The jury foreman has already been making the rounds doing interviews and has admitted repeatedly that he told the other jurors that they didn't need to read the judge's instructions because he had a patent himself, and that "he guided the other jurors to their decision". He then explains how he guided the rest of the jury away from doing their job when the discussions were taking too long on determining the validity of the individual patents.

At best, the jury didn't do their job. At worst, this guy is guilty of jury tampering.

Samsung has already said they will sue. I hope they do. I hope they sue the pants off of iCopy.

I think the iphone 5 actually makes for a decent phone......................................................................................................................................................BAZINGA!!!

One of the first things they said was a lie. They said that the new iPhone is the worlds thinnest smartphone. The title of worlds thinnest goes to the Oppo Finder which is 6.65mm thin. That's a full 1.05mm thinner.

Aside from build quality and their efforts at miniturization, and that nice connector, Apple announced *nothing* new or innovative today. Not one thing. It would just be nice if the main stream media picked up on how derivative this phone is compared to any Android phone of the last 2 years.

Yeah, except for the fact that it's completely non industry standard, the new connector is pretty sweet. Other than that? YAWN!

I don't think, the iphone is a bad phone. Granted they are introducing features that have been available for a while now (LTE... Panorama, really??). The iphone is a good phone, the thing is there are many other good phones out there. If there is something that I have to give to apple is their marketing department knows how to tell the customer what it needs.

I must say, the more new phones I see, the more I love my Galaxy Nexus. It's just soooo damn Sexy!

Its funny I am watching live commentary on the iphone 5 and seeing the dissapointment on their face. I am glad most OEM released their products the same month to show Apple does not invent anything or revolutionize the mobile world. iPhone is a dissapointment. LG, Nokia, Sammy and Google must be laughing.

Ok I watched the event on a couple of different live blogs. One thing I noticed that is the most interesting to me. Before the event on one of the live blogs so many people mentioned the lumia 920. Over and over. Then during the event the person hosting the live blog made a comparison about how they did not even live up to the 920. I did not watch the lumia 920 event but from the sounds of it maybe I should have. I prefer android but it seems like the 920 might have enough of something to drag people away from iphones.

I have bene an iPhone user since the 3G launched. I was very Team iPhone and did not give Android much of a look. I tried some early devices and was not impressed. But Android kept getting better, kept improving. ICS really leveled the playing field. I feel ICS is really on par with iOS. And JB raises the bar even more. One day back in June I took my first look at the Samsung Galaxy S III. That started me on the journey. I got thinking about switching camps. I installed the Android SDK and spun up an emulator and tested out apps. Then I got researching custom ROM's. Geek porn right there. My iPhone has always been jailbroken so I am very excited about changing out the whole ROM, not just adding tweeks. Changing core functionality to suit me needs and wants.

I still think Apple puts together some amazing products. The iPhone 5 is the best iPhone ever. It looks great. And I bet it will work great. But I want a bigger screen. I want the option to swap out ROM's.

Through my journey I have found a new respect for Android. I feel Apple and Google are pushing each other to keep making their OS's better and better. I feel both platforms are great. BOth are top notch.

Which ever one you choose is personal preference. You can't go wrong. Choice is good.

I must say though that the lack of NFC is extremely disappointing in the sense that it have it on a Snapple product would have likely increased its potential to be universally embraced much sooner.

Hmm.... $299 for an iPod touch, or $199 for a Nexus 7... Sure, the storage is more, but still... dayum!

I guess you could get a 32GB Fire HD for $249 as well, though... Apple is pricing themselves outta the business.

I hope Samsung patented the face detection thing that is in the GS3 camera....

They actually named the 6th version of their phone the iPhone5. REALLY??? That is extremely bad! You can tell Jobs is gone.

Apple's Retina panel is 1136 x 640, it is not 1280x720? Oh, I guess that is aspect ratio, right? I think I would have tried to go full 1280x720.

It amazing you people make the same comment over and over and over again. And I have the same response for you all. What does a android phone user using an android phone with android features. Have to do with iPhone users using a iPhone? Do you expect them to don't ever upgrade?

Hah, I beat Macboy to it!

So Apple makes the world wait only to introduce the iPhone 4+1 GS with features that Android users have had for months if not a year. Congrats!

Lol, don't be mad at macboy, he only does exactly what apple and iPhone does, copy and repost/release the same shit over and over, year after year! Maybe add a hint of something at the end. Funny how sad iCrap is, what I tell my wife who has an iPhone 4s when I put it next to my Samsung Galaxy Note running LiquidSmooth JellyBean 4.1.1, ah your phone is like Fisher Price my first smartphone!

This is what I posted on my G+ account today:
Here is a nice summary of the additions to this years model: Some of the key features are a 4" screen, LTE, and a new and improved OS.
I'm glad that with 3 months left in 2012 they finally caught up to 2011 Android phones. Which ones you ask?
How about this one or this one or this one or or or or or or or .
Phew. That's only Verizon android phones from 2011. We'll stop there, I'm too tired to post the 4G offerings from Sprint or ATT, or any of the Android phones from 2012 that blow this new iPhone out of the water.

It's 2012...and still no NFC. Way to stay current.

I know this is an anti-Apple thread, but you have to agree with me on this statement.

The iPhone's camera truly is the only feature that shines. With each iteration of the iPhone the camera gets better and better. It's turning out to be more of a camera than a phone with each generation. Makes you wonder. Why doesn't Apple release an iOS camera (aka Samsungs Android Camera)?

So I salute apple on this as this should put the fire under the feet of the hardware makers of android handsets.

Competition is good. Lawsuits are bad.

The new Nano is butt-ugly. Just sayin. The 5G was the last Nano that didn't look like shit. At least this one has a few real buttons. I wouldn't use the last one if it had been given to me because of it's lame design.

New mini pad? I didn't bother to read the press report, but wondering if they had the 'eggs' to release something called a Mini Pad...err, a Mini iPad...err..iPad Mini?

I dont get how they call it new and revolutionary! Maybe its new to them but everyone else who lives in this little thing called reality knows that an international variant of the SGS3 can run circles around this thing! Heck my Droid Razr thats already almost a year old could be compared to it and probably beat it (it definitely will once it gets Jelly Bean in a few months)!

Yesterday... "Any screen bigger than 3.5" is silly and ridiculous"

Today... "Any screen bigger than 4.0" is silly and ridiculous"

I wonder how the Iphone geeks feel about the Big big failure of this Iphone? But it still will sell even so it is not even closely impressive.

iphone what? who cares. same ol boring phone. can apple sue apple for producing a rectangular device with rounded corners?? yet again, apple has failed to produce anything new. not surprising considering the brilliant mind of marketing is no longer with us, steve jobs(god rest his soul), and the mind behind creativity was smart enough get the hell away from apple, steve wozniak!

A sad commentary on the buying public. A bit of research before buying would not kill anybody.I have had many brands of gadgets, and one should choose each on their merits and NOT on brand loyalty.

saw this comment on Engadget and had to share

"Introducing the all new revolutionary iPhone 5, now with 2010 Android specs"

reading forums around and sounds like even the iphone fanbois arent that impressed, but they also say they are still getting it .I guess they are living up to their name >>>>> isheep

The problem I have with Apple snobbery is that in the past, the launch of a new iPhone meant that the new device was arguably the best piece of hardware available at the time. No one could match the iPhone 4 for it's display or design; Android phone manufacturers were not at that level of hardware development yet. So even if you hated iOS/Apple/iPhones, you had to admit that it was a great piece of hardware.

Fast forward to today, and the iPhone 5 cannot claim to be the best piece of mobile hardware available. I would put it as 3rd behind the GSIII and the One X (just my opinion, you may disagree). The point is, the iPhone has no obvious hardware superiority over its Android competition (or even Nokia's Windows phones, for that matter). The main argument comes down to which OS suits you best.

I have friends and family that love their iPhones, and good for them. They are simple, reliable, and user friendly for people that are not exceptionally computer literate. But to say that the iPhone is the best because it's an iPhone is why I cannot stand the iPhone!

panorama camera? really?! thats the big change! yawn, android has done that for how long? oh, and isnt the headset jack on the bottom of the phone now like a nexus? i smell sammy lawsuit for copying design!

The hyperbole coming out of that press conference was absolutely ridiculous. It's now apparently a massive undertaking to make a 4" device. Christ...

Apple is not honest about why they didn't go wider. They make it sound like it was because of ergonomics, but it's actually because iOS doesn't scale well, and they didn't have many options.

I would like Apple to sell my house, but that's about it.

I think Apple's improving. They've observed our Quad core phones, 4+inch screens,advanced multi tasking and the notification bar. They're gonna come up with something that can atleast compete with Samsung Galaxy S2. I don't get the point, of having an anti-iPhone thread. It's stupid really.. 68% is huge and ,much greater than 17%. We already know it's Android will eventually kill iOS. My point is, let's check out what Apple has to offer.. I'm actually excited! A lot of iSheeps had posted on my wall saying , 'the reign of android is over'. I want to SEE the SHINY THING That will "kill" Android. How stupid is that? But we aren't stupid, right? Let's just take out an hour or so out of our lives and see what Apple's done for a year.

watch the event live @

I own a Galaxy Note ,by the way.. and it's fucking good. Waiting for JB , it'll be a beast. enough to take on iPhone 10 :D

New connector. That means that all of your old connectors are now obsolete. That means that your Bose Soundwave with the ipod dock is not soo cool anymore. Sure. Maybe they will come out with an adapter, but how good will that really be???? It seems to me that apple just found a way to make fully integrated apple people have to go out and buy all new everything. Car stereo, home stereo, speaker dock, car charger, a gazillion chargers, you get the drift.

What exactly is the purpose of the proprietary connector (besides making them profit more by selling cables and adapters)?

Does it do something special that micro USB does that I'm not aware of?

What's funny to me is that the IPhone 5 will sell probably double or triple the units than any android phone. Also I'm sure it will shatter all sorta of sales records on the 21st. Apple will be laughing longer than anyone here. So nice try go back to your buggy ui and phones that freeze up. A jailbroken iPhone isworlds better and more customizable than any android!

RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT... Done enough of both(Jailbreaking/Rooting) to know that comment is full of it.

If a good dev is working on the Rom then bugs will be kept to a minimum.

The reason Apple sells more phone than any single OEM is because people with free will like choices. Apple IOS device = 1 per year. Android device = why bother even counting.

If you're talking about jailbreaking your iPhone that means there was something that you feel it was lacking and had to turn to the community of hackers and developers.

Apple fans could've replaced the agents in the "Matrix"

Free you mind!

Umm... yes, Apple has absolutely the best marketing team to convince their own fans to continuously buy their "new" products. So yes, they will sell a ton of iPhone 5's as a "premium" device that's really a mediocre one. Good for them. But even they are threatened by Android, which is why Apple tried to pre-emptively stop the Galaxy S III (and hell, even the Galaxy Nexus) before the iPhone 5 launch.

You have to compare PLATFORMS not sales of single phones. And Apple will go on being buried by Android in that measure - which is the only one that counts.

Doesn't matter platform is what counts?! Typical response I prefer quality over quantity which is why apple kills the competition in user satisfaction. You are the same type of person who would say ford is better than Lamborghini because they sell more units. It's about quality. But then again you wouldn't understand that

Evidently from your analogy you don't understand the difference between quality and performance. I assure you an iPhone is not the Lamborghini of smartphones.

Unless I can pull my trailer with a Lambo, Ford is better for me. Lambo offers no quality in pulling trailers. :)

I had to laugh at Apple trying to take credit for "inventing" on chip LTE - I suspect Qualcomm has something to say about that as they have had it for at least a year.

Wait a minute! They made the screen bigger, but I still won't be able to see sh*t, can someone explain that one to me??

It's been a decent run for the past 2 years, but it's time to move on. I'll be retiring my first smartphone, the Nexus One, and kiss the lousy T-Mobile coverage in the house and neighborhood goodbye. As T-mo is refarming spectrum locally the I doubt the signal situation will get any better.

Gingerbread was an improvement over Froyo, but the persistent lack of stability with app crashes and spontaneous reboots got tiring. The lack of N1 internal memory left me unable to install G+ and Goggles. It doesn't help that the car dock developed a crack and which means the pogo pins dont' connect properly, and the Bluetooth speaker pairing no longer works.

So, onwards. iPhone 5 it is, and the Nexus' alarm clock to get me up order to preorder in 2 days.

Ah, a fake "android user".

Just go to a real carrier instead of T-Mobile and get a more advanced Android - for example the One X, GSIII, Galaxy Nexus or the Motorola RAZR HD Maxx.

Sorry your feelings got hurt. I assure you that the $700 hole in my wallet for the Nexus, desktop dock, and HTC-sourced car dock are not fake. I bought the phone without a contract to take advantage of T-Mo's data plan, with no-cost tethering which worked well as 3G I found widely available. Unfortunately, the phone part didn't work out as well as I had hoped, so although tempting, no upgrade to a GSM GNex.

And the resale on an AWS phone?

Can I sue Apple for boring the shit out of me with the same device over and over. Wow it took a year to make the screen half an inch bigger and finally give it LTE. HooHum. I love seeing pages and pages of just icons and boring grey headers.

Oh and has anyone else ever noticed that all the isheep have the same ringers and notification sounds or are those the only sounds the iphone makes? Are the sounds not even customizable?

Oh Cmon man! That was 2 years back. Android after iOS. The games are released simultaneously these days! App Store for money and Play Store for Popularity. What phone have you rooted and what's the custom ROM you used? is it overclocked?

Hmmm so android has bastion? The world end with you? Trigger fist? Wild blood? Or the upcoming real racing 3 if u think it will launch simultaneously your smoking crack. iOS gets all the triple a games first.

I haven't played any of them but the fact is I could if I wanted to on ios you can't on android wanna try again?

If you had any reading comprehension skills you would see that I said I haven't played any of them but that I could if I wanted to on ios. Just because mobile gaming isn't important to you or me it is to millions of other people and is a big selling point. The gaming experience on ios is far superior to android. More games available more quality games and games released first.

I will never get this - iPhone or Android. Why the efffff are people playing games on a phone???? Whatever happened to gaming consoles? Or is it just more fun to be walking down the street playing a game and then run head on into a lamp post?

Lolllzzz. They copied Google Play Music ui. See the definitive review of I phone 5 at lessapple.blogspot.Com

My friend and I were doing our normal arguing about iphone vs android , and this fool said "well iphone was the first smartphone" .. i just end the conversation simply with a "Well Android IS the first GENIUS phone" smh what else will they steal from us

Wasn't the iphone 4S screen the perfect screen size according to apple?
So now 4 inches is the perfect size?
Apparently apples customers hands grew

Props to Apple. They put on a first class event, with state of the art hardware. Their design aesthetic is world class. Now that that's said, nothing else to see here. Let's move on, out of the distortion field and back to reality.

I came to the iPhone late (4) and at the time swore by it then I did some window shopping and came out with a Samsung Galaxy S3 followed by a HTC One X, Sony Xperia S, LG 4X HD and Nexus 7. I can't see the new iPhone 5 being added to this list, it doesn't appeal to me with the spec. I am now used to the larger screen, not entering passwords to upgrade or install apps.

I agree with what others say about the iPhone being seen as a posh toy, if they only new how wrong their choose is!

Now I wonder what Samsung will do about its counter law suit. Perhaps one day there will be a film made.

I personally feel its a shame Apple has taken its current route but after reading about

So here is the thing. I like Apple don't get me wrong, I have plenty of their products including some newer ones like the iPod Touch... the one thing that annoys me is the fact that their "fanbois" defend them to the death and since Apple can do no wrong in their eyes it keeps apple from really innovating and coming out with newer techs. Apple can do no wrong in their eyes. Apple has released a phone with the same GUI, same icons, and people have looked at the same damn screen for 7 years now. Why? Because "fanbois" will never complain because they are under a spell where anything Apple or especially iPhone related is cool and hip. It is people like these that are in denial and accept everything Apple does as being the most innovative newest tech this n that that keeps Apple from changing anything. Why change it if the "fanbois" eat it all up? You add a row of icons and LTE, and still missing technologies that other phones have had for years and the "Fanbois" act like if it is the second coming of Jesus. This is the reason Apple never changes anything and until Apple fans take a stand and have the balls to say they are tired of the same re-hashed product with a spec bump here, or a gimmicky add on here... this will keep happening.

I wish someone would study people that buy iPhones. It is really a fad and cult that should be studied because it is just amazing how they have a stranglehold on these people. Browse around Apple forums and the things people say about a Phone are really amazing. Comments like "It's ugly but I'm probably still getting it".... are just the beginning. I would say that this extreme fanboism just exists on the internet but no I have witnessed it first hand in person too.

There are several theories that people should touch on and really study.

1st: Everyone has an iPhone because (even though they are lower class and lower middle class) they want to give the impression they are rich and upper class.

2nd: Everyone has an iPhone because they want to be "cool" like everyone else that has it.

One last thing, Apple hardware is great, even the one on the iPhone 4 and 4s the 5 even... but it boggles my mind how people can bare looking at the same thing for over 7 years now. Atleast they have a different wallpaper now I guess?

Uh I guess you've never heard of jail breaking? The themes on ios are better than any android theme and more customizable so nice try.

Nope let me guess yOuve never heard of cydia or dream board or winter board have you? Didn't think so now go google it like a good boy.

A lot of that has to do with them being heavily invested in Apple's ecosystem. Changing any platform can be a PITA, and the closed nature of all Apple products just makes it that much harder.

Let's face it, the iPhone5 may not be cutting edge but it is still more than what most anybody actually needs in a phone. NFC? I've never seen a place to use that here in the midwest. The camera is certainly good. It's the best supported phone out there as far as quality apps go. Overall it's a well-rounded device. It's not like RIM's dramatic fall where Blackberrys had basically 2 good features (messaging and security) and everything else was terrible.

So while I understand your point and have no desire to ever own any iPhone for a variety of reasons, it's really no mystery why this phone will sell well.

Stupidest thing I've heard today:

"Apple will never lose a lawsuit over the use of LTE tech simply because it's good for the consumer".


I just want to know where the Projector and Laser Keyboard are that I kept seeing in the "Leaks"..... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA

I've had probably a dozen people tell me about those "Features" of the new iPhone5 when I mention Android.

Ever since my iPhone 3GS screen broke and I got a Galaxy S2, I've never looked back. I really hate the Apple mentality. There's more than enough room for multiple smartphone manufacturers. Oh wait, the iPhone isn't a true smartphone because it can't multi-task. Android can, even with single core processor's.

OMG yo!! OMG! Apple you really need a upgraded processor with that outdated single-tasking OS?? Really yo really!??
are your developers that lazy in lieu or tweeking the os they just stick in a faster processor as to sync iTune to your home computer....

Are we AMERICANS such idiots that some of us will be standing in line as to LEAVE NO OS BEHIND?? OMG OGM OMG OGM!!

I seriously have nothing against apple or the iphone. I really like both iOS and Android equally but the thing that's pissing me off is that they wen't with iPhone 5... Seriously? We all know it's the 6th generation. If they are going by the logic of the 4s being an iPhone 4.5, then the 4 would have really been the iPhone 3. Seems like they are starting to lack the logical thinking that Steve Jobs had.

Let's start a new slant.

What are the most updated Nexus Device rumors?? o_O What is coming out soon that will destroy this abomination of mobile technology that Apple is calling the newest and best thing???

Oh and my cube neighbor is watching a video about the iPhone5 and he's drooling. He has no clue what he is missing with Android... and he'll never look. Feel bad for the guy.

I just went to the apple website. They are claiming the iphone 5 is an "all-new design" and that the new dispay is, "not just bigger, its just right" How is it all new when it looks exatcly they same?! who is the screen "just right" for? I can't believe people believe this stuff.

****** HOT NEWS ******* New iPhone 5 so revolutionary that it has sparked mass heart attacks in fans eagerly awaiting it's arrival... ... ... Wait, what? It hasn't brought anything new to the table or revolutionary? Sorry folks, it's actually finally catching up to the rest of the cell phone world. Nothing to see here, move along!

I just got my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and there is no way the new iphone 5 can compare to just waiting on samsung and htc to come back with a vengance against apple and delays there launch and see how they feel....

The hell with apple the hell with the iphone the hell with the ipad the hell with cook the hell with ipod the with all the isheeps in the world LONG LIVE LOYD!!!!!!!

Thanks for the warm-up pre-party Apple. *yawn*

Now, make room for the upcoming main event: the new Nexus device(s)!

I love my Razr Maxx and will stay with Android ecosystem. But I just checked Gazelle site for trade in value of iPhone 4S at 16GB and it's trade value for "good" condition is $240. Compare that with trade in value of Razr Maxx in "good" condition at $179.

I think HTC Incredible 2 is closer to iPhone 4S. So I looked that up and INC2 is listed at $48 for "good" condition. Even funnier is that a "broken" iPhone 4S (one you can't use that may have cracked screen) is listed at $85 dollars. Wow.

What announcement was better?

iPhone 5
Nexus Q

imo, both huge disappointments.

Apple enthusiasts will buy it because that's what they do... because it just works?!? What do they think other phones do, explode in peoples pockets?

The iPhone decline will be slow, but this is the start of the inevitable slide.

At least Google had the good sense to yank the Q and improve on what the community addressed. The Nexus Q wasn't really the big unveiling was it?

So it's got a tall 16:9 screen, LTE and panorama mode? That's catch-up.

It's also got another proprietary plug that costs $30 to buy an adapter for. ZING

It's also.... ?

comments from isheep to

"It's ugly but I'm probably still getting it"

If you dont like it why you should buy it??????????????

The greatest thing about Android is that the OEM's push themselves to the brink of what is available with technology today. They are not afraid to fail if certain new features don't work out in the short term. So we the consumer benefit from all of their hard work with our various Android devices available. Apple I believe has become a bit short sided in their approach trying to do a one size fits all strategy. This is why I believe Android only grows stronger each day regardless of bugs or fragmentation.

DId you hear? iPhone 5S will be thinner!! and has an extra letter in the name! and maybe something else we on Android already have...

My 12 year old tells me no way does he want anything from apple. I ask him why and he says because they sue everyone! Enough said!

I've had two iPhones, 2 iPads, and I have a Macbook Air. I found the iPhones too small, all the iToys too clunky, and moved on to Android with no regrets. The Macbook Air went toes up twice in one month, but they "fixed" it. I no longer have faith in the Apple empire. Currently driving a Samsung Galaxy Nexus - you should have seen how it initially synced with Gmail, and then immediately upgraded itself to Jelly Bean- now that's Premiere! And the predecessor to the forthcoming "iPad Mini", my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is delightful, and much more portable than a 10" slab. Thanks for the opportunity to comment today!

No NFC? I can see it next year, the iPhone 5s will have something called Apple Proximity Interface and then they will sue Samsung saying NFC violated their patent.

I was going into it with a open mind. If Apple showed off something revolutionary I was going to finally get a iPhone now the screen isn't the size of a postage stamp. Should've known everything had already leaked and there was nothing special about it. I am just going to wait for the next Android phone that has a better camera than the One X and get that. I don't want a supersized iPhone. Sad thing is it will still sell like hotcakes. I hope people get Samsung'd while they camp out in line.

Apple wins hands down in my book as far as computers go. After years of Cygwin, the terminal alone was a reason (for me) to switch.

Smart phones all seem the same to me though. IOS, Android, Windows Phone. Whatever, they all basically do the same thing. My Palm Pre is ancient, and even it can do it all. (Ok maybe a bit slower, but I got my unlimited tethering, navigation, and enough $2 spare batteries to last me on a week long camping trip).

I want something new that will actually change my day to day. A stylus? Ehh, well at least that's an attempt at something different. That crazy galaxy beam phone? That was a good try also.

What about Ubuntu for Android? Put that on one of these quad core phones with like 2gb ram (4gb since I'm dreaming), and then we're talking. The LAMP stack on my phone? Yes please. What's crazy is that doesn't even seem so far off with Android. But with IOS or Windows Phone, I just don't see anything like that possible in the near future. So, I'm rooting for Android!

Got to give Apple that, computers they have done right for many many years... They are just too spendy though..

Apple's revolutionary iPhone 5 features: a chipset so awesome that Apple still can't do true multitasking, a camera so gorgeous that it's hardly different from its last iteration, a groundbreaking display in that it is ... ummm... taller, and ... well, and Facebook sharing right from your phone's gallery! WOW!!!!!

This last part - that each sharing option in each native application has to be added manually by Apple is a terrible indictment on iOS. Android integrates sharing simply by having you download a social networking app and signing into it. And it can be anything - the popular ones and the specialized ones.

Yet, I am sure iFans will trip over each other to buy the "new" iPhone. Sigh.

I think that the android software is far better than ios

what android lacks in my opinion is better support from the companies that make apps

for example, facebook just revamped their ios app leaving us in the dust for a little while

as a hardware, i have small hands and i wish samsung or htc would release a different sized version of their flagship unlocked phones somethin around 4.2, 4.3

I did not feel comfortable holding 4.7 or 4.8 phones

When I need support for my Android phone, I ask the users. I get more solutions for common problems by surfing these forums and the community than I do waiting for someone to make time for me at some help desk. That's why it's important to make it open and available. Android's OS and the variety of hardware have pushed me to know what I have and to learn something by asking questions. All I get from an apple user is "it's an talks". At least when someone says, "I have a Samsung Gasm", or a "Moto-Bono", I'm left wondering what the hell it is and what makes it any better or worse than my phone. Android all the way.

Go read some of the posts at iMore. They can't even get excited over the new, um refreshed iPhone. It is still missing so many features that Android phones have had for years. I wish the iPhone zombies would stop rewarding Apple for these minor updates in technology and force them to actually be "innovative" instead of spending millions of dollars convincing helpless Applenatics that what they have done is more innovative than their competitors. I really feel sorry for them.

Here, I'll solve it right now. Lmfao. google's Android OS is the best and apple you can take your ios and just cram it where the sun doesn't shine. Google has flaws yes but the technology is the best. better os, on better phones, nuff said. thank you. / Droid X2 on Eclipse 2.3 2.3.5 build Android OS.

I am going to college right now, and noticed that not all the kids are carrying iphones anymore. I've seen lots of sg3 and galaxy notes. So I don't think the iphone is the top dog anymore. I don't hate it, but the UI is too boring for me personally.

I love how most popular news on Android Central are about..... iPhone :)don't lie to yourself, you love it, you would not be the same without it :p

Like a bunch of people before have already probably said, I see absolutely no innovation with the new iPhone. At least before there was something new... actually off the top of my head, I can't think of anything innovative the iPhone had that other manufacturers haven't already had.

I think the number one complaint people have stems from the fact that they don't always make good choices when buying Android phones. If you want something good, you need to shell out the money for it, it's as simple as that.

So it's a little bit longer and they removed the glass from the back. Whoop-de-doo? It doesn't appeal to me at all.

Most people here seem to miss the entire point...Apple never claims to have the best specs. They made their brand on making features easy to use on devices in that belong to one ecosystem. Having the best processor, screen, features...none of that matters if people don't know about it or find it intimidating. Consumer perception is reality and the reality is Apple does a phenomenal job of marketing their hardware and ecosystem to people all over the world.

They do claim that other phones can't have rounded corners on a rectangular device in their specs though. That kind of mentality doesn't sit well with the large amount of enthusiasts who are more than happy to educate the less informed consumer. I think a lot of people here hit it on the head. Apple sucks and here are some reasons why. A lot of what is typed out on AC is backed up with prior art, stats and specs. Your point is that a lot is being said, but nobody cares so face reality. Well I don't plan on submitting to the idea that the iphone is as good as it will get and I hope I'm not the only one.

You do have a point though. Consumer perception shapes the market. But these people here are consumers and their perception is that the iphone is weak.

Umm... TODAY Apple claimed that the iPhone 5 is the thinnest phone (I would consider thickness a spec, wouldn't you?), which turned out to be an out and out lie. So please, drop the stuff about how Apple never claims to have the best specs.

Yes, people find Android phones like the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus real intimidating, which is why Apple ran to a judge to try to ban them before the iPhone launch. Riiiiight.

I must admit, you're right. Apple made these claims on the iPhone 4 and 4s, (retina display, class leading camera lens....), these could no longer be substantiated with the iPhone 4s XL oops sorry, iPhone 5

But back on subject Anti iPhone 5 day.

Oh my god yes!! Now I can park trendy ass infront of the Apple store. With all my trendy hipster friends and our Dre beats and our IPhone 4'ses. So we can be the first ones to buy new IPhone 5's. So we can continue being oh so trendy and hip. I'm so disgusted at how many people buy the Iphone. Because there friends have one and desperately need to fit in with there social circle. It's a joke.

Apple has some HUGE security issues because we knew everything about this phone months before it came out. On another note, I've always liked the design of the iphone but its just the same ALL the time. Steve jobs will would be so disappointed and so will the public if android keeps up what they are doing. Im a proud GS3 owner and I could never see myself buying a iphone.

IMO Crapple allowed this, how else would they keep the phone buying public from jumping ship to the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola & Sony. All of these had relesed, close the launch date of the iP5, new phones which I believe exceed most of what the iPhone 4S XL has.

This was a ploy to at least feed the iSheep tit bits to keep them hooked

Gone are the days, when, privately, many of us wondered what new exciting feature would a new iP bring and how would we better or at least match it.

With the hardware and OS Android has no fear of what Crapple have brought to the playing field, however through the courts, now that's a different matter......

Is it true Apple just released the new iPhone 4s with bigger screen? When will the new iPhone 5 be released?

I washed my car today and the cat was sick on the carpet again.

All infinitely more exciting than the iphoney launch yesterday.

You know what I would like to see? The boys over at XDA do a Jellybean port on the Iphone 5 and watch it run better and smoother than the outdated (yet insanely plugged by Apple as revolutionary with its 5th row of Icons) IOS6.

Whoa, Apple has brought a 4" screen to the game. Samsung hit that on the Vibrant and that was two phones ago. Apple is constantly playing catch up. Problem is, they aren't. Its all a matter of taste. If you want a "dumbed down" operating system that makes things simple, take an Iphone. If you want to customize your phone from top to bottom with an operating system that works and is miles ahead of IOS, then Android is the obvious choice.

There has been rumor of an interesting "Easter Egg" that new iPhone 5 owners will enjoy:

After a certain combination of actions has been performed, a picture of Steve Jobs will appear, adorned in his Shepard costume, captioned with "OBEY!".

Guaranteed to send thrills up the leg of all the iPhone sheeple.

i just posted this on facebook and received text messages from about 12 people talking about how i am "hating" But you know what people only react when their is some truth to what someone is saying lol.

Not sure if ill be 100% correct on this one but didn't apple take that new send a quick reply when receiving a call from samsung phones? Im pretty sure they did.

i think you may be right. samsung phones can do that and now the new versions of android have the same feature.

but sure, apple will say that they invented it in like 1980 and sue everyone... ah ha ha... LOL

my 2 year old SGS1 with gingerbread does all of the "amazing" new things that the iphone 5. Android ecosystem is by far more complete and useful, more open and the app market is huge and handy. there is a lot of development and a great community of people working and doing really amazing things on it. even my now humble SGS still amazes me, not because of its specs but because of the great apps that makes an smartphone truly smart and useful.

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds." Bob Marley.

You guys are all a bunch of whiners, the iPhone 5 is the best phone available* right now.

- It has better screen resolution, color, and brightness than any other phone ever.*
- It has better network and communication abilities than any other phone*
- The screen size is the best size of all other phones*
- It has the best quality apps available than any other device*
- It is thinner and lighter than any other phone*
- It has revolutionary new features like Siri and iMaps*
- It offers more CHOICE** than any other phone.

You are all just jealous because you are stuck with old-school practically DOS-like systems like Android.

*excluding non-Apple iPhone products
*CHOICE=Curiously Humdrum Options In Crummy Electronics (patent pending)

I've been in cellphone sales for a long time now. Ive had quite a few android phones and I am currently using iphone 4s and a galaxy s3. I find from great experience that android is a much more open system. Alot of apps are free, its more customizable and once you have used one its hard to go to an iphone. Apple is very user friendly and I completely agree that it is a good phone for first time smartphone users and younger kids. I do find when people come in and I ask probing questions to find a device to fit their needs I ask why do you like the iphone or why do you want it and NOONE has a good reason. Its purely just, I want an iphone. I like the camera, I want the apps, I want facetime I want it to sync with my computer. Android does all of these most of the time flawlessly its simply a trend. Its COOL to own Apple. But I do a side by side showing of equal features with customers and theyre floored by the differences in S3 and iphone 4s. You don't know what you don't know. Its as simple as that. Android Forever