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It's always good to try new things, and that includes your smart phone choices

Our own Anndrew Vacca was fairly smitten with the Optimus G Pro. He puts it plainly, that the OGP "has the features, style, and wow-factor to steal eyeballs (and customers) away from the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4", and that's a bold statement from someone who has been able to use all three. But sometimes, you want the point of view a more "normal" user has when you're interested in a new smart phone. We get it, and we understand.

WPCentral forums ambassador mase123987 recently spent some time with the 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro, and took the time to write quite the review over in the WPCentral forums. We're not going to spoil the ending, but it's a great read if you're a smart phone fan on any level. Go give it a read, and be sure to thank mase for his insight -- this is valuable stuff coming from someone without any preconceived Android prejudices. 

Review of the Optimus G Pro (and Android) by a WP Lover


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A Windows Phone fan reviews the LG Optimus G Pro


This is a nice phone in my opinion.. Still waiting on the Note 3 though.. That should be "The" phone of 2013...

Exactly! I love my Note II. I've purchased both the S4 and One, I'm a "Phone Whore", but I keep going back to my Note II for the added functionality of the S Pen. When the Note III comes out I will gladly plunk down the money for 1.

Decent initial device from LG for being rookies in this category created by Samsung. Better than the Galaxy Note 2 '' Sorry Charlie it's not even close or on the same wave length overall sales back up that assessment ''

The Galaxy Note 2 is the Gold standard of technology today period. The device every manufacturer felt the need to copy to the exact. The Note 2 is the BEST ultimate business productivity device ever made since the inception of android.

When you sell over 40 million and you're next product the Galaxy Note 3 is soon to arrive you will definitely sell more in 2013 than 2012.

Anyone banking against Samsung needs there head to be examined for retardation. Nothing will top the Galaxy Note 3 come September/October. No Htc One Max, Sony ZU, or Optimus G2. Not even the upcoming Nexus 5.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2.

Stop being sucg a Samsung fanboi.. Their phones are good but don't run down the competition without even seeing what they've produced.

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Its a pointless fight with him. If you look at his comments over the years whatever brand of phone or carrier he is currently on is the absolute greatest thing ever and all others are trash. When he was with Sprint the talked crap all day long about how Sprint was going to be the number one carrier, yet now he is on T-Mobile. When he had HTC phones no other phone maker in the world was going to produce a better phone. I remember when he was banned from Phandroid for insulting anyone and everyone that didnt have his carrier/phone at the moment. Years later he is still making inflammatory comments and insulting people less than half his age. Im honestly surprised he hasnt been banned from the comment section here years ago.

"Im honestly surprised he hasnt been banned from the comment section here years ago"
I think at one point, he was, under a different username of course. For what it counts, he was banned under this username by Jerry from the forums 30-some-odd weeks ago.

It's obvious he overcompensates for his...shortcomings. I remember how he swore his Evo 3D was the best thing since sliced bread. *eyeroll*

1. This "category" (the "phablet") was NOT "created by Samsung". There were a few other 5+ inch phones out long before the Note. Such as the Dell Streak 5.
2. So you're telling me a 9+ month old phone is still the "gold standard"? You do realize regular smartphones (as opposed to phablets) have come out that have surpassed the Note 2's specs in just about every conceivable way except screen size, right?
3. "The Note 2 is the BEST ultimate business productivity device ever made since the inception of android." No. That would be a laptop or tablet. They're just as portable and have the ability to do much much more than a dinky little smartphone.
4. "Anyone banking against Samsung needs there head to be examined for retardation." Says the retard who claimed to "know" the exact specs of the S4, and turned out to be completely wrong. Or how about the time you claimed rooting was "2plus year old devices"? Oh yeah, and who could forget that you claimed you would "make sure [the HTC M7 (HTC One)] doesn't launch on any network in 2013" if it didn't come to T-Mobile? Sound's like you're the one who needs to get his head checked...

You forgot to say pimpslaps.... Might want to wipe the lube off your Note2 before you take it out in public. People might get the wrong idea.

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CAN'T STAND THIS GUY ^ .. nobody cares anymore what you think Richard... I don't think anyone ever cared. Why aren't you banned yet?!

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Haha didn't bother reading the responses to Richard's post before I commented... good to know I'm not the only one

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Shutup Samsung fanboy. The Optimus G Pro isn't trying to be a Note device it's trying to be a big phone. Just like a lot of phones are. You act like Samsung is Jesus. Stfu.

i dont know too much about the sales figures but i agree even though the has the specs and is a good phone its not even close to the s4. i had both and i tried my best to give this phone a chance its not that it was bad i just could not let go of the s4. to me is feels like the best all around phone hands down and the super amoled hd i dont think i can let go.

I looked at this in the store and was surprised at how snappy it was although I did not like the way the screens flipped. I could never get a phone with a home button like that, too thin. I ain't got time to be pressing twice!

I should have my review unit of the Pro early next week to try out. Looking forward to spending a few weeks worth this device.

Had the Galaxy S4 and the Lumia 928 at the same time for testing a couple of weeks ago and did not mind sending the S4 back. It just didn't do much for me. But I asked to keep the 928 an extra week because it is such a nice device, along with the 920.

After trying so many flagships this year on each platform, I still place the HTC One as my current pick for 2013.

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I've tried the HTC One and the GS4 and the Optimus G Pro is better than both of them. The only reason I didn't get it is because it's a carrier exclusive with a locked bootloader.

Wowzers! That was a great review! I wouldn't mind reading more android reviews from mase. I wanted that phone anyway and now I want it more. Too bad it's not available for T-Mobile.

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I came to android via Win Mo and then Win Phone Titan. Can't post on WPC due to upsetting a powertripping admins feathers but thanks for the review. The OGP is one I'm waiting for on a short list. An excellent review well written. Helps to make my mind up on a replacement for my One X if I ever can let it go. Personally after spending the
last few months with android I couldn't go back. I still have my titan and use it running 7.8 but there always seem to be something lacking. Nothing definite you can put your finger on, just a feeling there should be more. I realise WP8 has addressed some of the lack in 7.8 but I'll stick to the freedom of android and have it my way.

Windows phone users are not "normal smartphone" buyers. They are the fringe.

If you want a "normal" user, and avoid Android experience, then you need to talk to a feature phone owner.

At 75% global market share and 900 million users, Android IS the new normal.

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Thanks for the positive words! I am writing this with the Pro right now. I will definitely being keeping it. Lumia has my heart but G Pro has a lot to be proud of.

Great, well written, balanced review. I think it would be great if there were more cross platform reviews like this. Each platform could benefit by taking a closer look at how the other guys approach phone and software design.

When it comes to general user experience on apps, I did notice one thing on Android that bothered me. With some apps, the ‘back’ button is used to go back one page or option. On others, it is used to go back to the starting screen of the given app. While still on others, it is used to go back to the phone’s start screen. It seemed like there was a lack of consistence in the use. This happened both small and big named apps. On WP, use of buttons seem pretty universal. I think this could easily frustrate some more novice users of Android.

This comment from the review really resonated with me. I came to Android after almost fifteen years of using only Blackberries, and the one thing that is baffling to me is this inconsistency of the back button.

Upgraded to this device from my Note 2. I love it. Note 3 would have to be something pretty special to draw me away.

Better resolution and PPI, 32BG of storage standard with SD slot, IR blaster, slightly better camera, and honestly, this phone FLIES. I've never had an Android experience that felt COMPLETELY free of lag and stuttering, even when lowering the notification shade, but this one does. All of this for a mere 99 bucks on contract.

I love this new phone!!!!! The lg optimus g pro is amazing,it has a beautiful camera/video, it is a wonderful multimedia and multitasking machine that over throws any phone i have ever owned!!! It can be very pricey but if you buy it unlocked you can run it of any 50 dollar prepaid company you like and still use the phone with all the specs the phone offers. I say buy it and have fun!!!!!! ;-)