Droid 2 Global VZ Navigator

Think back, and this is pretty much how things went for the original Droid 2, right? Leak after leak after leak, and finally Verizon announced the phone about 48 hours before it was released. So it's with little surprise that VZ Navigator for the Droid 2 Global appears in the Android Market. Leak after leak after leak, folks. Place your bets on when the phone finally appears. [via Droid Life]


Reader comments

VZ Navigator for Droid 2 Global is here, now we just need the phone


$10 a month is friken ridiculous especially when you can get the same thing for free. I am a Verizon subscriber but I refuse to pay that price per month.

It's not quite the same thing. There are people who prefer the way VZNav handles thing. $10 a month is standard for carrier provided GPS. It's not for you (obviously) and it's not for me, but who are we to tell people they can't choose to use it?

i love how every pic of an app you take that doesnt pertain to a certain phone you use the N1 or the X.

*PS* Clear your notifications before you take pictures its so annoying lol

My gripe is why does Verizon make a version of VZ Navigator for each phone instead of one version for all their Verizon phones? It's like they're baiting iPhone fanbois to shout "FRAGMENTATION!"

they most likely use core level API's for the devices (as in, it doesn't run fully through Dalkvik)