It's Verizon's first commercial for the Droid Incredible. Impressive. Most impressive. [YouTube link]


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Verizon's Droid Incredible commercial shows specs, doesn't show phone


I like how they gave some of the specs on the commercial. But I dont know if that really left an impression on the normal consumer as the Moto Droid commercials. Alot of normal consumer wouldnt even understand about the snapdragon processors or amoled screen. the only thing that will prolly catch their eyes is that this is another device in the droid line and it have a 8 mp camera.

You would be surprized to se how the android community has grown and there is a better understanding of the specs on the devices of course the major % will have no clue of wwhat they are talking about but there is defenetly a significant knowledge increased on the android community. Im glad verizon took the first step and let ppl know what they are really buying, not like apple that sells pretty screens and bright icons ...

I know a lot of people that are visual...

So without seeing how the actual phone looks like, they'll probably ignore the commercial

I'm sure this is just a "teaser" commercial like the early ones for the Moto Droid. They'll get in more detail in following commercials... and it definitely piques my interest.

I think it builds a little more that mysterious "unknown" element. By nature people are very curious when there is something left to the imagination....maybe they're trying to leave Joe Consumer wanting to know more? Drive people to the web to check it out...

I think you build anticipation for a product that hasn't been released. I think it's odd to do this with one that's in stores. One of the most appealing elements to this phone is it's appearance. Should've shown it.

Just got mine , not very impressed . I mean it works fine and the network is great but man is this phone cheaply made ! Very plasticy and seems like they just through anything out there , its an oversized HTC hero only cheaper , Its not even close to the N1 in build quality and feel I may even send it back that how disappointed I am with this plastic phone !!!!

Not to say I don't believe you, but this has to be the first account I've heard of someone saying it feels really cheap in the hand.

To each their own, I suppose.

are you kidding? no its not a single piece of aluminum like the N1, but that description seems very exaggerated. I've had mine for about 24hrs now and the only thing that fits what you're saying is the battery cover itself, when removed. I think this phone has a spectacular weight and feel in my hand. To each his own though, right?

im not sure i believe you considering your the 1st person to say kinda sound like someone who bought the N1 and is jealous they didn't hold out for this....but hey maybe im wrong and the thing is a piece of crap...

I never said it was a piece of crap , and my goal is to get away from T-Mobile and the N1 to switch to Verizon and the incredible . To say I'm jealous is ridiculous as I can buy any phone I want whenever I want , I do not need to wait until a contract is over , I now own both the incredible and the Nexus 1 and nobody here can tell me with a straight face that the incredible has the same feel of quality as the N1 , like I said the phone works great and it is pretty to look at but it feels very very cheap , why did they have to sacrafice so much build quality ? And as a matter of preference , I must admit as well , I hate sense on top of Android , to bad I can't get the N1 on Verizon. That to me would be the perfect marriage of phone and network

I managed to grab the last one at my local VZ retailer and I find it to be very well constructed. Yes it's plastic, but I disagree with the notion that it's poorly made. I love it. Way better than my Moto Droid. Faster, smoother, lighter, less clunky feeling. And I'm really appreciating the nuances of the Sense UI, which IMO is less a UI and more a launcher with some custom widgets, although it does have some nice touches underneath as well. I don't even mind the goofy looking back on it. The only part of the case design I don't like is the way the camera sticks out on the back, but after I get a case for it I imagine that won't matter. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd love a unibody design like the Desire, but you've gotta have some design variation. Best phone sold by VZ at this point IMO.

That's crazy not to show the phone. It looks and operates so nicely. But most people won't care about the nuts and bolts - even though that's what make it such a great phone.

that's how they did they did the commercial when they first introduced Android going to Verizon! i thought it was pretty sweet, but i hate how Verizon advertises Android! like it's their own OS!

I think the ad is edgy. It has everything but the phone. The phone could have been shown, even for the last 2 seconds as it displayed the DROID logo so people would get some sort of visual, because it's an INCREDIBLY attractive device.

The ad will get people into the store to look at the Incredible, that's the sole purpose behind not showing the product.

Verizon did android marketing right by linking the product line by the Droid name. This is really pushing Android awareness with everyday people I run into.

Someone should make some parts of this commercial into a bootanimation, cept the parts with the specs.

I Love it..just hopes it gets others who are not acquainted with android excited...and yeah i agree with someone above who mentioned an EVO commercial..i hope sprint can bring it to hype up that phone

After seeing this commercial I would have been left with many questions if I had not already seen the information here. I believe they could have done a much better job. Not showing the phone does not make much sense either.