AT&T was less than subtle in its YouTube teaser for the Galaxy S4 Active earlier today, but T-Mobile U.S. is leaving more to the imagination. In a video entitled "What if your smartphone could do this?," we see the action from a phone's perspective as it follows a diver into a pool.

Like AT&T, T-Mobile's promising more information tomorrow, suggesting it too may be preparing a Galaxy S4 Active announcement. But let's not forget that the Sony Xperia Z -- also water-resistant -- is rumored to be heading T-Mo's way in the near future, too.

So which are you hoping for -- Xperia Z or Galaxy S4 Active? Share your thoughts down in the comments.


Reader comments

T-Mobile's teasing a water-resistant smartphone, too


Z! all the way...might be my next phone...tired of limited memory for APPS on nexus4. hopefully the sell for $499. They will have a hit if they do.

Hoping for the S4 Active, seems like the Z is already headed to T-Mobile. The more options the better! we even have the carriers suffering from VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome)? FAIL!!!!! :(