PlayStation Phone/Z1

Well, what do we have here? The Sony PlayStation Phone has made a brief appearance in Greece. Perhaps most interesting is that the phone was running Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread, which still has yet to be officially announced by Google. In addition, the phone was named the Sony Ericsson Z1 but had the name "Zeus" under device info, which has been seen before as the phone's codename. It is curious that Sony seems to be ignoring the PlayStation brand in the naming, but obviously nothing is final until Sony says so (also, it's not like they have even announced it yet, but last we heard that might be coming on Dec. 9). 

In addition, it seems that Sony will in fact be doing some sort of special games store for PlayStation-branded phones as had been rumored. As for other specs, the site noted that the screen comes in at 4-inches and had "very good multitouch." Around back, the device is packing a 8MP camera with LED flashes, which should put it right up there with the best Android phone cameras. The touch joysticks were mentioned, but sadly were not captured on the (blurry) video, which can be seen past the break. [ via Engadget

For your viewing pleasure:

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tim242 says:

And, how do we know this? The video is grainy, and his hands cover up most of the screen.

Kyle Gibb says:

The reporter who wrote the article had hands-on time with the phone (and is probably the one playing with it in the video). So yes, the video is blurry and doesn't show much, but I'll take his word for it.

Uncle Louie says:

Looks like your basic Android phone. How do we know that this is the PSPhone?

I was saying the samething.... But atleast we actually have a phone that is rumored to be "CURRENTLY RUNNING" Gingerbread... the Olympus and LG Star definitely are still on Froyo.

noszero says:

I want the PlayStation phone. I just hope its released on multiple carriers.

VDub2174 says:


VDub2174 says:

This is what I hope too.

vinny#AC says:

How can SE have a phone running gingerbread that isn't even out yet when they have other phones that can't get froyo running after being out for over 0ne year????

frozencloud says:

didnt SE stated couple of days ago that it was the carriers that is delaying those updates?

samurikuma says:

How the heck can you see anything in that video. I also hope the PSPhone goes to multi carriers.

HAAS599 says:

This guy is the worst rerporter ever.

He has an exclusive hands-on with one of the hottest, most talked about, wanted phones and doesn't even bother to slide it open?

Instead, he fiddles with it like idiot. Great Job!

Hand_O_Death says:

I really need this to come to Verizon. Even my boss at work bugs me abotu this thing.

sandplasma says:

The PSPhone has the potential that the iphone did when it came out. I believe it has the power to sway customers enough to make them switch my guess would be that it will definitely NOT be multicarrier.

Kevinjt4 says:

what is that music playing over the video? I want!

phrankh201 says: check this page out for more info on ps phone