Sony's Playstation phone

Sony's new phone -- simply dubbed the "Playstation phone" -- has appeared in more pictures. And if there's ever an indication that it's Android-based, well, here you go. It's still very much in prototype form, according to Engadget, but the pictures are unmistakable. This bad boy is Android, through and through. Sure, a custom skin is more than likely. But still.

Above, you see a picture that closely resembles what was predicted in August. Here are the rumored specs:

  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Custom Sony marketplace to buy games designed for a device like this
  • 1GHz Qualcomm MSM 8655 (200MHz faster than the G2, but the same new architecture, apparently) -- by the way, that's the same system-on-a-chip as we just saw in the myTouch 4G/HD benchmarks we posted.
  • 512MB of RAM/1GB ROM
  • MircoSD slot -- no Sony Memory Stick -- thank whomever it is you thank for that sort of thing.
  • The screen is between 3.7 and 4.1-inches -- that's a pretty large range, and we're learning toward the larger end.

So when we get down to it, we're looking at Sony's bad-arse Playstation controller coupled with high-end hardware -- higher than just about anything currently available, actually. So the hardware should be set. Let's just hope the software and UI don't blow it. More at the source link. [Engadget]


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Sony's Android Playstation Phone poses for pictures


It's ugly because I suspect its a prototype. There isn't any obvious Playstation branding nor does it use any of the PSP's signature design aesthetics.

Just saying.

Maybe they'll call it the PSPhone? PSPwn??

oh babay. i would loves me some of that. any idea what networks getting this or is it gonna be available on them all.

Its the same chipset thats in the Tmobile G2. Processor doesnt matter for carriers though, just the radio, which the leak didnt mention. Im hoping they just put in "all radios" and sell it on every carrier.

well i am guessing its a gsm based phone since sony ericssons always been unlocked sim based phones but i would like to see this on atleast t mobile or verizon not att if was carrier base lets hope that it is not a flop like the ngage was

Go figure, the moment I click send to mention this to the Android Central crew, when the page refreshes, there is the article.

So a PSP-Go with an Android phone, could be interesting.

Well there goes any chance of there being quality games in the Android Market that are at least comparable to the iPhone or iPod Touch. Either mobile game developers will make games for that iDevices or Sony's new marketplace now, skipping the general Android Market. :/ Bah, I shouldn't complain about a cellphone's app marketplace, it's a cellphone. I'll be getting a 3DS anyway.

First of all, there are CDMA phones that support sim cards for global roaming. Second, Verizon's LTE network (which is beginning its roll-out already) will likely use sim cards.

Says who that PSP games aren't good? Maybe you don't think so, but a lot of people, me being one of them, love games on the PSP.

A PSP is only good when you flash it with CFW, all the games on a PSP are just remake or too short... if we need a solid gaming platform for a smartphone, its going to have to be WP7, it has all the real potential with an online gaming system and achievement system. still it might be okay

A PSP is only good when you flash it with CFW, all the games on a PSP are just remake or too short... if we need a solid gaming platform for a smartphone, its going to have to be WP7, it has all the real potential with an online gaming system and achievement system. still it might be okay

It's so obvious you have no idea what you are talking about. PS and PSP took the market share away from other consoles years ago and still maintaining their status. Please don't make accusation you cannot sufficiently back up.

I knew this would happen. I buy a G2 and finally settle on a phone and a two year contract and phones I would love to have keep popping up. The next Google phone, now this? Why can't I be rich and afford these kinda things? I would have like 3 phones and could switch whenever. Then again, I would have to remember what is on what. Too much of a hassle.

I guess Ill have to make a gamepad mod out of My Samsung Epic's keyboard! and Hope that we can port those games over to all devices!

Seriously my Epic rocks :)

I would love this thing if only it were not based on PSP Go. I absolutely hate the PSP Go's controllers. they are too CRAMP!

I like the Epic better since you can still program your keyboard and load some ROMs in an emu. Does anyone else have a feeling this could kill Android gaming outside of the SonyPhone?

I think it might actually help. Sure, Sony will have their exclusives, but if this is using a cell phone GPU, that's going to make it ridiculously easy for games to be ported to straight Android rather than burning a bunch of R&D getting a game to work on something less proprietary.

It had better come out soon and do some battles with the competition before it becomes another X10!

hmmm... no joystick??

or are those two little windows in the middle joysticks??

two joysticks?? or no joysticks??

I think the joystick is actually the arrow buttons on the left controller(left side ) , if it was those things in the middle you would need another hand to operate it LoL :p.

I think maybe those things (dots) are just sensors :/

On first sight I like and want it. But after thinking about it, I don't think I'd use it's PSP function often as there's very, very few PSP games I like (close to none).

Guessing they haven't added the joysticks yet, or they are two capacitive touch joysticks.

Well I replied to the wrong one I guess.

Bet it will be custom skinned with an XMB, as Sony likes to do with everything PlayStation.

IDEA: Turn the phone to the left - slide-out keyboard. Turn it to the right - slide-out game controller. Good idea?


I'm surprised to see Sony using something open sourced. I guess this puts the squash on those rumors of Apple merging with Sony.

I don't know anything about software in development so maybe I am wrong about the date there. But February 1 was not Friday this year. Nor is it a Friday next year.

I had the PSP and, very briefly, the Go, and the main thing keeping me from staying sold on the Go was that it was another device I had to carry. Integrated with a phone, I'm sold (at a reasonable price, not like $400) least until Nintendo decides to integrate the DS with a phone, which I can't see happening due to the dual screens. One can always hope, however...

Meh, it's a SE phone which means years before you see any software updates for this phone.... Just look at the X10 line...

There's one thing that really bothers me about this image and makes me think it's fake. The words "No SIM card" are directly on top of "Emergency calls only". Additionally, why would the screen need to mention the lack of a SIM card twice (if phones normally do show it twice, my bad. i've always had verizon so idk too much about SIM cards).