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So there's a Verizon iPhone eh? Well isn't that special? We've been following all of the Verizon iPhone coverage at our sister site,, where they're just shy of asploding over the prospect of actually using an iPhone to make calls. Everything's changed. Again.

Only it hasn't, really. Same ol' iPhone, hardware-wise (yeah, the GSM radio's been swapped for CDMA). That's it. You get wireless hotspot, though. And that's nice, though Android and Palm have had that for a while now.

None of that newfangled (and pretty awesome) LTE data that we're getting on Android. None of that dual-core processor goodness that we're getting on Android. Customizable home screens? Nope. Anything-goes market? Nope. (OK, that's a plus and a minus.)

Point is, Android's not going anywhere anytime soon, Verizon iPhone or no Verizon iPhone. If anything, Verizon's going to do its damndest to make sure its already strong network remains so with the arrival of the iPhone -- and that's good news for the rest of us.

In the meantime, if you're curious about this Verizon iPhone thing, be sure to check out TiPb for the latest. And then head back here so we can get some real work done.


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So there's a Verizon iPhone 4, eh?


Whats an iPhone? is it a good phone does it come in white can you sync bluetooth does it come with a case can i get it in white does it come with a case

I guess you need to acknowledge it but this article is pointless. Anyone who is reading an Android specific blog knows what was said and is either going to swap or not. It honestly comes across as fanboy sour grapes.

I agree...why even write about it? It must mean something to you guys if you have to write about an Apple product on an Android blog. I mean, it seems like you might be a bit scared. Just sayin'.

Same questions as always: so what if Verizon is getting iPhone 4 in February. What happens in June when iPhone 5 launches? Are all early adopters on Verizon left out? Will the iPhone 5 launch on AT&T and Verizon at the same time?

I love how AT&T is blaming CDMA on this phone's inability to multi-task. My Incredible multi-tasks just fine. Perhaps it's the crappy hardware?

AT&T is referring to CDMA's inability to use voice and data at the same time. Try carrying on a phone conversation while browsing the web and see how it works out. It's not the phone's hardware, it's the network.

While I guess its a nice option to have I have never had the need to do both at the same time.


I have every once in a while, but I never have when a wifi hotspot wasn't in range, making the problem moot.

Plus, LTE devices will be able to do both at once. But oh wait, I guess the iphone isn't an LTE device :p.

Only on a 3G connection can you talk and download at the same time. I wonder how many people REALLY use that function, REALISTICALLY. Probably not many or at least that often. "Bright side", VZW will be introducing talk and data to CDMA in the near future for those that actually care.

From what I hear from some of my friends with an iPhone, they're lucky to be able to make a phone call at all on AT&T's network. Forget trying to browse the web during a call.

Pretend this is a new Android phone.............smaller screen? No dual core? No removable battery? No SD card? No flash? Blah!!!!

Anybody that will change from Android to this phone would be taking a big step backwards......we're now looking at 4G phones and dual core can't even customize your home screen.....
A couple of years ago I would of went for it....but way!

OK you got me on that one....poor fanboys....they're all so brainwashed...."look I can even change my wallpaper"!! :)
That's funny!!

This coming from someone on a "fanboy" android site.

You can take screen shots with an iPhone without having to root it. "It Just Works". :D

Ya...that's why its called your telling me you can take pictures and set them as wallpaper without rooting your phone...your kidding right???......thats your claim to fame...............thank you Steve Jobs...

Well with the iphone on Verizon the one thing that's going to happen is some good competition. These phones are going to get better with more options and thats going to be a plus for all of us in the long run. I'm sure their working on a 4G iphone for June which will be great for all who want one.....I'm hooked on Android and plan on staying with it.....Good Luck!!

Android has surpassed iOS in all areas now aside from the barely perceptible homescreen lag (which is fixed on the Nexus S). An inferior handset isn't going to stoke competition.

I think it might work in'll see flash on the iphone next.....they will cave on that one....they'll have too and that will lead to many other changes....Android will be the one to keep up with and thats why I would never change.

No.....I knew what you meant....I wasn't refering to you. I can't wait to see what Verizon is going to charge for 4G on the phone....or maybe I don't.

Is it on Sprint? - No.
Is it developer friendly? - No.
Is it running android? - No.

Definately not getting one....

It's already been established that it's not exclusive with VZW, so Sprint can presumably use support the iPhone. And to say the iPhone isn't developer friendly is just silly.

What's more dev friendly: an SDK that's free and open to all, or one that only runs on one company's computer and that you need to pay $100/year for access to?

I vote with my wallet, honestly.

Seriously, who would buy this over Verizon's LTE Android lineup?? Only someone who is dumb or completely married to Apple products IMO.

That's the option I want. Or maybe more specifically "Why the -f- would I want a -f-ing iPhone?" This was taken straight from the ipwhatever blog. I always knew these guys were really iSheep. On the other hand, the guys from Cnet's Android Atlas are even worse.

@ehtoanokuso- I say that to my customers all the time. If the Iphone and Android had come out at the same time the Iphone would be a laughing stock of a device. The two aren't even comparable at this point.

@Phil Nickinson- Also, not to hate on your brother site, but has basically written the same article 12 times and put "different" headlines on them for the last 12 hours. That's tremendously sloppy and awful journalism. I get that they want page views, but that is just lame.

So post that on TiPb, why bother Phil about it.

By the way, how many new release articles appear here in AC when a long awaited new phone comes out?

This is the most news TiPb has had to write about in months. What's the problem with them serving their readers?

This is the most news TiPb has had to write about in months. What's the problem with them serving THEIR readers?

Thought I would put emphasis ;)

Engadget did the same thing. They are a general tech site not an ipjone specific site so it didn't really matter.

Even IF you wanted an iPhone, why would you get one at this point? Why not wait until the iPhone 4G? Not that I'm planning on getting one regardless, but buying one right now just seems silly.

If history is any indicator, the area where I live won't get LTE or any other 4G service for another 1-2 years. That's why people might want one now.

While 4G is great and the network is off to a good start...there are still millions and millions of people that don't get good 4G coverage or any at all. That is why they would buy one now.

announcing it now seems silly too. the anouncement shoulda been that the iphone 5 is coming to vzw...until then, you iphoners have to wait lol

A current iPhone user pointed out the lack of simultaneous voice and data, which you could get with an LTE/CDMA Android phone.

Verizon iPhone, ok good to know. I will file that away in a folder labeled "I don't give a SH*T!". My Dinc is all I need until I'm ready to make the move to LTE.

I'm going to switch from my DINC with its cracked screen, just to see what all the fuss is about, then I'll probably switch back to the BIONIC (maybe even at the same time) and compare the two. I love google maps and gmail integration along with all the cloud based services on android. I will get an iphone for my wife though.

It's funny, THIS is considered news for iphone users, whereas with us "news" would be "Cyanogen Mod 7 released today, with Sense, 4G, and Honeycomb!!!!!" Now THAT would be news!

I was hopeful that I wouldn't have to read about this on sites that have nothing to do with it. You guys let me down.

Oh Climb Down from that ledge.

One article. You were obviously interested enough to wade in and post, so why are you complaining.

If you comprehended what my point was, you would see that I was only interested enough to make that point. Climb down off that ledge? Ain't even that serious. Did I hurt your feelings that I have an opinion on the matter? You just as easily could have ignored what I said. For all you know I was being 110% sarcastic. Even if it was a complaint, which it was not, then I would have been justified, because as I said, I was hopeful that [even more] iPhone news wouldn't be flooding sites I frequent that have nothing to do with said announcements. Does that clear it up enough for you? We cool now?

All of my liberal friends use Android devices, except for one...and he's planning on switching to an LTE Android device on VZW.

And all my liberal friends and their friends use iPhones, work on Macs, have the Apple sticker on their Prius with a "Coexist" sticker next to it and shop at Whole Foods and King Soopers with an eco-tote bag. Your friends are probably a minority. It's pretty known that Apple bots and liberals go hand-in-hand, especially since they are almost always snobs. :)

My plan is to replace my Samsung Fascinate with the iPhone 4 on Verizon and replace my iPhone 4 on AT&T with the Motorola Atrix 4G

Who cares? Cuz honestly, 2011 seems to be the year of dual core and I'm not interested unless it has that and its 4G!

so the phone is already 7 months old and you cant upgrade for 20 months now with out paying so your going to end up with a phone over 2 years old when the contract is up and the new iphone will be out in June you would have to be crazy to buy one of these

I just don't see the point of getting an iphone, atleast after you've been introduced to android like myself.

I had an iphone for 4 years, and my friends and co-workers basically had to give me an intervention.... it worked.

Dx baby

Droid Bionic with Motor need for an iPhone for me. Although there are alot of people who will love this iPhone on our network. I'm excited to be able to quiet the rumors and sell the damn thing already! BIG RED!!

Wait until they find out that they will only have 3G on there iPhone 4 on Verizon, not 4G for this phone, on Verizon web site.

its funny i just worked a surf contest over the weekend and they have a live web-cast so i broke out my Evo with full 4g on the beach in H.B ca and showed all the iphone peeps what there phone cant do full flash at hi speed no lag video. they were a little bummed to say the least i could sell android so much easier then iphone just show the people what they can and cannot do with there phones android can iphone cant

Coming from a current iphone user and a former android user I have to say I enjoy the iphone better it works as it should and the app store has a better quality of apps then the android market which has alot of crap in it. Although I do agree android phones have better hardware the iphone wins when it comes to quality and apps the only reason why so may people even own android now is because of at&t having exclusivity for so long now you will see the difference in numbers now that verizon has the iphone when google stops hoeing out its OS to every cell phone manufacturer and focus on quality they may be able compete with apple and no im not a apple fanboy just a realist.

I guess now we will see if all those issues the iphone has had over the years are really an at&t problem or an iphone problem.

Who will get the worst part of the deal, AT&T for possibly losing a good number of customers or Verizon for getting a bunch of customers to overload their network?

Not sure it will change much in the short term. People are locked into multi year contracts and probably won't break them just for a phone.

Oh but they will...haven't you been paying attention over the past several years? People pay lots of $$$ to get ahold of that stupid thing.

There is nothing special about this phone, you have to use a special verizon plan to use abroad, and you can't use voice and data like on AT&T network. Its a weaker model of the same phone if you ask me.

On a far better network. And, who really travels abroad? People always try to lay that claim when MOST people don't travel abroad so it doesn't matter. I wouldn't say it's a "weaker" phone. It has different functions that don't take away from the device. MOST people dont talk and surf, or not that often.

I'm totally jumping ship. I'm tired of Verizon ruining phones with bloatware and me having to go to xda to get my phone to work. Android is the new windows mobile; fragmented all to hell and ruined by carriers and manufacturers.

Yah because choice = fragmentation. Go get your God Phone you iTard. I don't have problems getting an iPhone when its a legit reason. But fragmentation? That is complete and total BS. last fall 89% of all phones were on android 2.0 or above. You can bet your *** that as of today its over 90%. As for UI fragmentation again its called choice. You don't like HTC's? Go with Samsung. Don't like Samsung there is LG. Don't like LG there is Acer. Don't like acer root it and drop a Vanilla version of android on there. I swear to god its people like you who want to have one phone, one phone model and that is it. go ahead and shackle yourself to your lord and master Apple. I will continue to enjoy Android where if I don't like HTC I can go somewhere else and load up my apps. If you don't like apple you are pretty much SOL.

I celebrated today by buying a Droid X. Getting in under the wire on the 1 year upgrade for January 2012 and still have the ability to get an iPhone in 30 days if I change my mind. Doubtful though - Navigation plus Touchdown for Exchange will keep me with the Droid X. The screen is awesome and the form factor rocks!

Please god no. I actually enjoy having bandwidth on our network. I'm betting money within 60 days there are going to be complains about performance issues.

I'm gonna get tired of people telling me that wireless hotspot is a 'new' thing... REEEEALLY quick... (come on now... I had that in 2009 on my Sprint Palm Pre)

What I really hope to come out of this... is for more Android devices to get on Sprint... Hopefully Motorola/HTC/Samsung realize that they don't have to compete with the iPhone on Sprint and Sprint gets more high-end devices...

It's too bad the spam bot couldn't catch all these comments above me. ;)

Joking, of course...I know "iPhone? who cares i love my *insert phone here*" comments aren't spam..they're just equally annoying. But, what do you expect with an article like this that invites such petty arguments?

Apple is a Droid late and an Eris too short. They missed the cash cow. It would have been more profitable to buy out the exclusivity contract with AT&T and put the iPhone on VZW before the Android platform took off. There are too many Android users satisfied with their smartphone experience.

They are going to have to make an INCREDIBLE hardware/software combination to get me to switch now. I would have given anything for an iPhone on VZW a couple of years ago. I really like what Google has done with Android. I can't really see myself switching platforms now.

I really don't understand why people want an iPhone on Verizon. when they can just buy an ipod touch and tether data to it from their phone or use wi-fi. Difference between iPhone and ipod touch... phone calls. If I'm wrong feel free to replay.

Longest thread ever on the Android Central tech blogs. Even if it came to T-Mobile, I wouldn't give the phone a second thought. I'm trying to decide if I should give up my Nexus One for something with a front facing camera. But I like having pure Android. Except for the crappy mp3 software.