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As expected, the Android train keeps steamrolling along.  Nielsen's numbers for smartphone platform purchases in the past 90 days show users picking Android 56 percent of the time, which is twice as often as iOS, which is the closest competitor.  Apple's iOS numbers didn't drop below their overall market share, but everyone elses numbers sure did.  It's a clear trend -- people in love with their Apple products will keep buying them, while everyone else is slowly but surely shifting towards Android and away from everyone else.

Fans on both sides will twist these numbers into ammunition for the inevitable flame wars, but one thing is certain -- people like having choices.  If Apple finally gets the iPhone on the last two major carriers on the planet who don't have it yet, their number will probably grow.  And the new iPhone rumored to be coming in October may have an effect here as well.  In the end, everyone will get the phone they wanted to get anyway -- and that's really all that matters.  (Good thing 56 percent of them will be making the right choice!)

Source: Nielsen


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Smartphone buyers chose Android twice as often as iOS in past 3 months


Although it seems like obvious news, I love it because the doubters and haters keep getting the shyt they spoke thrown back in their faces. "This latest phone and this new feature is the death of Android!" Nothing has affected its Exponential growth to this date. I can admit the iPhone's success, but it's not the end-all, be-all of phones. I love when reality slaps the haters in their faces.


not really! iOS is good but lot of people can not pay that much for what att and verizon ask and lot of people like me myself dont wanna pay for that service because is overpriced!
so what? t-mobile and sprint are stupid and they dont make any money selling unlimited voice,text and data for 79.99$ for smartphones.. but they dont have iPhone, right? I think we should pay for service montly not for iPhone and they monopoly! they have enough money!
or look this exsample!
you can go now in Apple store and get unlocked GSM iPhone4 but it dont work on tmobile 3G! what is the point?
why we can not buy off contract CDMA version and instead of overpaying for Verizon iPhone service use CDMA and go on Sprint, Cricket or BoostMobile?
Again.. Monopoly!

so VIVA Android and smart Networks! Apple and Apples carrier networks!
This is Free country.. we need Freedom!

Whatever .... we all know ANdroid Phones Have the market Saturated... there are just many many more options as far as Android goes on more carriers ... that's why. Lets be honest here. Sheesh.

No, i'd say the biggest reason for this is because people who buy iPhones don't buy them in the month/months leading up to a new release. IPhone owners know there is a new one coming out. I'm assuming if you compare the October/November numbers, the iPhone sales will skyrocket. Hell, i wouldn't be surprised if they take 75% of the smartphone sales during that period.

Android devices are released all year long, so there isn't really a need for the users to save up and buy at one single point in the year. So the sales are spread out nearly evenly. iPhone sales are much, much more concentrated.

What's more telling is the yearly totals. Month to month sales figures tell me nothing because the two OSs sales metrics behave completely different.

No, i'd say the biggest reason for this is because people who buy iPhones don't buy them in the month/months leading up to a new release.

Ok, go back to the graphic and erase every thing but the iphone segment. Both sides.

See any difference? NO. iPhones still hold the same percentage regardless of the quarter.

So there goes that theory.

The truth is there will be a one month bump in iPhone sales immediately after a new release as all the faithful rush out and pay for their upgrade, and then its back to normal. Apple is eating its own children at this point.

Dude, it's called Capitalism.

Carriers lock you in technology wise to keep you on contract for two years. You pay through the nose for an unlocked GSM phone. That's on purpose. Android is available on more carriers and on more models and price points of phones than the iPhone so it was inevitable that Android would outsell the iPhone based on numbers and distribution alone. It will be interesting to see what happens when the iPhone comes to Sprint and if it comes to T-Mobile. It will be interesting to see how many frustrated Android users opt for less choice and go with the iPhone 5 (or whatever it's called).

well it says in the last 3 months, I would expect nobody is buying a iphone now. Everyone is waiting for the iphone 5.

That's what I thought when I first read the article, but this survey is about people who are actually buying a device NOW, not what they will buy in the future. What the survey actually reflects is the fact that people AREN'T waiting for the iPhone 5 - they are buying Android or other devices.

Seeing as how its only those who HAVE purchased a phone doesn't mean that those who HAVENT(and waiting for iPhone) aren't a number large enough to crush the lead.

There aren't any stats here show how many people are waiting to buy a phone or not. All it is saying is that of the people that are buying a phone now (right before the iPhone5 release), the majority are buying Android devices.

See what the stats show after October/November. The stats will look completely different.

Really looking forward to the iphone 5! Always interesting to see what they will use to sucker people into buying their next new low spec gadget!

I have to be honest, having only one hardware and updating once a year makes the system more fluid and stable, but I can’t take Apple’s way of doing business, that’s why I choose Android, and I can’t be more happier, my EVO and my Eee Pad are amazing devices, far from perfect, but this is the exciting part, we can’t wait for the next upgrade with new features, and this is happening only because of the competition. Long life to Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phone and hopefully WebOS as long as Android stays on top.

having only one hardware and updating once a year makes the system more fluid and stable,

Which is it, fluid, or stable?

You can't have it both ways.

So basically Android is taking market share from the "other" operating systems. Sort of sucks as I fear that within a few years there could be a duopoly. It always seems that once something is down to two choices, the situation always get worse.

Once the iPhone 5 is released in October, I think the numbers will change. Who wants to buy an over a year-old phone when in a few months you get a shiny new phone?

I'm interested to see that with the release of mango on the windows phone will change any of those numbers for Microsoft.

Me too. I keep expecting WP to make some kind of impact, and all it seems to do is keep losing market share. I'm getting a "WebOS" feeling about it -- it will attract a group of people who happen to like the Metro styling or whatever, but there's no really compelling reason to buy it over Android.

Microsoft is treading Water until Windows 8 in 2012. They might have a chance then. Maybe. But now? Android and IOS are killing them.

Do these numbers include tablets as well?

Oh and to the commenters: please stop comparing the iPhone to Android. They are not the same thing. One is a phone and the other is a platform. It's like saying Toyota is awesome because it outsells Mustang.

Everyone knows that individually the IOS devices are #1 in their respective markets and for good reasons. Collectively, however, the mountain of Android based devices are clearly dominating (currently at the expense of everyone that is not Apple). Who you see as the "winner" depends on your perspective.

Anyhoo... Fanboi away just please be accurate about it.