BIG Thanks to Seidio for sponsoring our #CESlive coverage at CES 2014!

CES 2014 has come to an end, as has our #CESlive coverage for the year. It was an amazing week (and a busy one to boot!), with 70 guests taking to our stage over 4 days.

One of our big sponsors for the year was Seidio, a company we were extremely excited to have come onboard. Like Mobile Nations, Seidio has been around since the beginning of the smartphone era, going back to 2002. Over the years they've always made a great selection of cases, charging docks and extended batteries for popular smartphones on all platforms.

Be sure to hit up the video above for a video walkthrough of Seidio's booth at CES 2014. Derek from Seidio walks us through some of the different products they had on display, including the new OBEX case for the Galaxy Note 3 which is tough and waterproof yet great for everyday use. 

For more info and to buy, you can visit, or view our selection of Seidio accessories at

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Amazins71 says:

Sedio rocks! I have their case for the Nexus 7 (2013) and I love it.

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draggnazzo says:

I'm not that interested in bullky protections like those for my N7(2013). In fact... i guess I'm not the kind of guy that drops his cell/tablet every minute...

Also expensive as hell...

VivaBeavis says:

Seidio is a terrible company to deal with. I used to buy their products for all my phones, dating back to my first 4 blackberry devices. I actually had to call my lawyer when they tried to screw me over with some shady business practices. There are better quality battery and case manufactures out there, with most coming in at a more affordable price.

tjtweeker says:

I think I'm going to give the OBEX case and holster a try for my note 3 when it becomes available.

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Life34 says:

Too bad they don't make anything for the Maxx

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