Samsung Galaxy S4 guardian Jeremy Maxwell returns with his magical glowing box in the second teaser trailer for the upcoming handset. If you were hoping for any hint of actual information on what Samsung's bringing to New York this Thursday, then once again you're going to come away disappointed. Like last week's installment, there's very little going on here beyond hype-building. Though Jeremy does remark that the box's contents are his "favorite color," for whatever that's worth.

Check out the teaser above, and share any theories down in the comments. 

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Grahaman27 says:

no... we now know its that boys favorite color!

edit: I should read the article

Joseph_Snow says:

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Tommy Faust says:

Fuck you piece of shit

Gearu says:

Green, Virtual Green

BigBear says:

I have no negative comments even though the ads don't say anything about the phone. I actually think the ads are cute, and I'm excited as a kid to see the GS4 revealed.

The little secret messenger says they are her favorite colors just when have on hand a chocolate chip cookie with white filling.That says a lot about the colors of the Galaxy S IV.

XChrisX says:

The thing I took away from this story is that the phone will come in black, and white. I always loved the metallic grey color though. I bet we are all shocked on Thursday.

xuohtx says:

Clearly they are poking fun at Apple with all the magic and hyperbole right?

Which apple advertisements? I guess the one where they deny the laws of physics, but I've found apple adverts to be focused on minimalism and grounded in stupidly simple reality.

arunthegeek says:

1. There are mostly white shades in the advertisement. So, obvious white color.
2. There are many objects having striped design/colors. So, the final design may have the striped texture.
3. The boys sees his Oreo and says it was his favorite color. So, again, the phone will come in White and Black.

Alex Keb says:

Get ready to be disappointed.

Same old with a new hat.

ViBrunazo says:

OMG A new hat! I'm buying 2.

bworley50 says:

I'm already disappointed that this commercial is not for a Galaxy Note 3.

supa_dupa says:

Jeremy: It’s my favorite color, it’s unreal, totally amazing.
Voice BTS: Jeremy, shut up, we're not paying to advertise HTC One...
Jeremy: But, but....
Voice BTS: Take out the HTC One from the box and put inside the Galaxy...

dmce01 says:

It reminds me of Marsellus Wallace's briefcase. (Que Pulp Fiction comments)

lbaxter says:

"What does Marsellus Wallace look like?!"

NineHorseTop says:

So silly with the color speculations and what not. Oreos aren't Black & White. Silly.

Who's disapointed?? Just wait til Thursday, geez. Jeremy will be in Times Square and open the freakin' box.

No, he won't leave it in a bar either, lol.

SWon says:

Galaxy S4 mini along with galaxy s4.

piizzadude says:

Of course it isn't gonna tell you anything about the phone. If it did then it wouldn't be a teaser, it would be a commercial. If that edge display panel is on there they can just take whatever they want out of my account now and show me nothing more.

Jayshmay says:

These teasers aren't even worth spending Any time watching!

But if there is an S4 Mini I would rather have that, my sweet spot for a smartphone is 4.3-4.5.
I don't want a monster phone!!!

Hipgnose says:

Richie Rich's alike favorite color and the bloody glow inside the box... this will be golden! :p

icu says:

Makes me miss the vacant-eyed smiling asian women holding up the new handsets.

Samsung has been doing some good advertising as of late - not sure what there getting at with this kid.

dwhitman says:

I'm almost certainly going to be getting an S4 when my contract comes up in a couple months. I'm anxiously awaiting the release on Thursday.

...but man, these teasers are really, really awful.

vinny jr says:

Great ad, I think Samsung knows how to advertise and they aren't too shabby at putting together one bad ass phone. I will probably buy this new SGS4, I have had the last 2 Galaxy phones and are very happy with everything about them. Now saying that, the new HTC One is a beast and being a real Android Geek I just have to have it. How the hell can I let that beautiful well built, well designed HTC One get by me, I can't, I'm going to have to buy it. I have always loved the Nexus One (HTC device) it is in my opinion the best looking and feeling Android phone ever made until the new HTC One. I think the HTC One is the best looking and built Android phone to date, I just hope it is dev friendly.

frettfreak says:

and there is the problem. it WONT be dev friendly. They half a$$ unlock the devices already and delay source all the time, but the worst thing about htc is how friggen long it takes them to update anything, and with the htc one shipping with 4.1 and not 4.2, you can be sure its gonna be a LONG time 9my guess is 6 months here in the states) before it sees 4.2 by which time THAT will even be an update behind. I havent been happier since i got my gs3 (ditched my One S)

marisdaman says:

It must be black and white. Oreos cookies shown too much.

Chosen414 says:

naw all the striped colors werent black though, his curtains, and tie are that blue that the s3 came out in....

How much do you want to bet that when Samsung unveils the phone at their event, they're going to do it by having the actual kid in the advert bring that box out on stage with the S4 inside. That'd be stinkin' adorable...

jerrod6 says:

Everyone one of these commercials so far has something glowing in the box, so I think they are hinting at their new amold screen technology that is supposed to save battery live and be bright.....something like that....OR they are going to use super LCD screens.

John-Smith says:

That was really gay Samsung.

birdman_38 says:

It may be cheesy (not gay) but it does what it's supposed to do.

Ry says:

If Apple made this teaser/ad, the Android fanboys would be all over them.

PhoenixApple says:

I just hope it isn't orange. Anything but orange or yellow