Galaxy S5 Experience

Take a sneak peek at what's coming on April 11

Some of us have had the pleasure of seeing the Samsung Galaxy S5 up close and personal, but for those who haven't this app is about the closest you'll get before April 11. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience is essentially a demo app showing off some of the new features of the Galaxy S5 on your existing phone.

It's not really interactive, since you're lead what to tap and when. But it does show off the new look S Health, the HDR Rich Tone, Download Booster and plenty more of what's headed our way. Sure, it's not an accurate experience when you're looking at things like the camera, but it does give us a look at some of the software and walks through how to do things like turn on Download Booster.

Grab it for yourselves from the Play Store at the link up top. If you like what you see, we're only about three weeks out from actual phones in hands.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience teases the new phone on your existing one


It's an app that let's you experience the GS5, regardless of what phone you are using

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Tried the app on my phone.
I like the concept of download booster that's it.

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I like this app. I can imagine the samsung experience with the proper on screen buttons

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Trust me, it's not. The comments section would turn raunchy, really quick, lol.

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Half baked journalism from AC! JoeShmoe is right. This app is not from Samsung nor approved by Samsung. The article title and information can confuse people.

Poor article on a un-official app and the rest of the gang over here jumping on JoeShmoe instead of looking at the both sides of the story.

A fake app. As opposed to what?
@Jerry: How long have you been holding the pic for just the right comment?)

Do you mean because of the underscore in the developers name? Regardless, even if it was "fake" it doesn't require any permissions and it scans fine on install, so it's unlikely to have been malicious.

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Definitely trying this as I'm interested in giving the S5 a chance despite my qualms about its style

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Android Central need to make this point more Clear that THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL app and NOT FROM SAMSUNG *caution*

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Nice! I hope there will be more demo apps from other phone manufacturers, too.

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