Samsung Droid Charge

We know, we know. You can't wait to get your hands on the Samsung Droid Charge. You know, that smartphone formerly known as the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone that we took a look at back at CES. And it's also known as the Samsung i510. And that, my friends, just dumped its source code in Samsung's aptly named Samsung Open Source Release Center. So while we wait for the phone's official release (and official naming, for that matter), you can get your download on and see what's under the hood. [Samsung Open Source Release Center (search fro SCH-i510)] Thanks, Mark!


Reader comments

Samsung Droid Charge source code released, now we just need the phone


Damn how big is this guys hands? Every time he picks up a 4.3 inch device like the Droid Charge and Thunderbolt, it looks like a tiny 3.2 inch screen phone.

I just checked and my Fascinate looks waaay bigger in my hands than this 4.3 inch phone. It doesn't even go cover 4 of his fingers. When I eat a whopper, it doesn't look too big in my hands like that guy in the commercial.

Guys, the reason this looks so small is because its literally a scaled up behold. Look at them side by side.