LG X3 render

A new leaked render from Pocket Now shows what they say is the upcoming quad-core LG X3. Couple things to note here: One is that, yes, it's said to be running the new NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset. That's not a great surprise, given that NVIDIA said last fall the first quad-core phones would hit early this year, and LG had the first dual-core smartphone with the Optimus 2X.

Nor are we overly concerned about there being only three capacitive buttons below that unofficially 4.7-inch display and -- WAIT A MINUTE. Capactive buttons and a 4.7-inch display? That's a big-ass display, at a 1280x720 resolution, no less. Compare that to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which has a 4.65-inch display -- but that's including the on-screen buttons, so you're really only dealing with 4.3-inches or so of screen real estate for non-full-screen tasks. If this X3 stuff pans out, we're talking 4.7 inches of usable space. Whoa. That's still a half-inch shy of the Samsung Galaxy Note, but still.

Other rumored specs include Ice Cream Sandwich (as it damn well should have), 8MP and 1.3MP cameras, 16GB of storage and a 2000 mAh battery, plus NFC, with thickness coming in under 9 mm. 

And, yes, folks, in all likelihood we'll see this guy at Mobile World Congress at the end of February. We're going to see a lot of phones at Mobile World Congress. Because it's a congress. Of mobile. Of the world. Or something. Whatever. We'll be there.

No, our only real questions rank thusly:

  • When can we get one?
  • Where can we get one?
  • Will human sacrifice be required to get it quickly in the United States? Because we're not above that.
  • Wait. Scratch that. No human sacrifice. That's wrong.
  • But seriously. Let's talk.

Source: Pocketnow 

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tim242 says:

When in non fullscreen on the Nexus, the sceen is 4.45, not 4.3. Just sayin : )

rizzay1 says:

It's the same shape as a real ice cream sandwich just real thin lol

IceDree says:

It won't be huge with a 4.7 , well not necessarily

Look at the Sensation Xl for an example 4.7" plus Capacitive buttons & it ain't that huge , sure its bigger than my Atrix ... but not that big

xorg says:

Would rather have 2-3 day battery life than quad core, but very nice otherwise.

Wish the top/bottom had less bezel. One thing I like about HTC phones is the least possible bezel.

Having a quad core allows for better battery life. Multiple cores = better battery life as well as better performance when all 4 cores are rocking.

icebike says:

LG seems to be bringing their A game lately. Used to be they were just a cheap line of devices. If they can just resist the urge to skin ICS they should attract a good following.

2-3 day battery in a smart phone? What bus did you just step off of? This isn't 1998 and this isn't a feature phone.

WindRunner says:

First (unofficially-announced) phone of the year that has everything it should. About time.

Rob White says:

Hey Verizon...

Less Droids, more this.

Just sayin

Geikamir says:


Son37Lumiere says:

The Droid Razr is one of the best phones available, get over yourself. There are always better phones coming out.

tim242 says:

They just released the LG Spectrum. Go get it.

R1_Rydah says:

never had a lg phone, but from reading comments in the amazon android market, I wouldn't want one.. I constantly see lg optimus owners complaining that apps dont work with their phones.. I usually don't like to be a bandwagon dude, but I know if I get a Moto, HTC, or Sammy phone I'm guaranteed compatibility..

turbofan says:

If you're talking about the standard Optimus, any variation of the Optimus one, then of course there are a lot of apps that don't work. Its a low level android phone. If you try to use those same apps on an HTC Hero, they wont work. If you try to use any low level Android device of the same age of the Optimus, it won't play those games or work with those apps. Buy a low end device, it will be obsolete sooner. A G2x will work with more apps for longer than an original galaxy s device.

li2327 says:

That's a nice looking phone. I love super thin phones.

heraldo says:

I love thin woman. Does that count as a good reply?

Geikamir says:

Do you need the approval of others on what is a good reply or not?

heraldo says:


markusf21 says:

I have never had anything but good experience with LG phones

bjs188 says:

"Because it's a congress. Of mobile. Of the world. Or something. Whatever"
Phil you make me chuckle sometimes

leftheodo says:

It's HTC Edge or Samsung GS3 for me! We all know the "quality" of the first dual core phone by LG!

curl2k1 says:

forget a quad-core, I'd take a dual-core with twice as much GPU any day of the week

Son37Lumiere says:

Agreed. The new dual core OMAP5 and Exynos coming out will be faster than the Tegra 3.

SoreAintya says:

It's still an LG device though..

bama4life916 says:

I wonder will any phone ever be fast enough for some people .....