Amazon smartphone

Want a better idea of what Amazon's first smartphone is going to look like? Previous live images included a developer casing that masked any interesting details, but this new one shows the device in all its glory.

Apparently this thing is going to have some fairly imaginative tilt features. We're eager to see if they're practical, but beyond that we can expect a 4.7-inch 720p display, quad-core Snapdragon processor, and 2 GB of RAM.

What do you guys think? From a purely aesthetic perspective, could this Amazon smartphone roll with the other heavy hitters?

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Picture of Amazon's first smartphone leaks


To my eyes, it looks like a Nexus 4 on the back, and an Iphone on the front.

With the rumoured specs of a Nexus 4 to go with aswell

To my eyes it looks like a mix of <insert a couple of examples here>, which is basically applicable to any other phone released after the first one was released. :)

IPhone front, Android back, Samsung home button, and Amazon Logo centered perfectly up to on the back.

Now talking on the phone will remind passers-by that they need to shop on Amazon instead of going into retail stores.

Oh yeah, store clerks will now look at you funny when start price checking while walking down an isle.

I had it pegged as N4 on the back (good eye, great minds think alike), Samsung on the front, iPhone on the bottom. I'd posted on BGR that I'm just waiting for the tidal wave of young kids ordering up tons of stuff on their parents' phones when mom/dad hand it over without paying attention.

I had the same reaction. Looks like an iPhone from the front and just ugly from the back and much thicker than smart phones have been recently. Still I'm sure it will look better when we see an actual hands on.

I just have zero interest in Amazon's repeated attempts to fork android. I like choice as much as the next person but what amazon does hurts the android ecosystem. (I'm a frequent amazon customer I just don't like this particular aspect of the company)

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Looks like DOA tech to me. I'm thinking this will give you awesome Amazon functionality, but limited on other things you do with your phones like their tablets. I really see no reason to buy this over any other Android device.

Doesn't look like S5 in any direction.
Looks more like xperia z series with more rounded corners.

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I agree. It just looks old. I wonder if they are stealing designers from BlackBerry.

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looks like iphone 4 and nexus 5 got together and had a baby, which might not be a bad thing... I just dont see what a amazon phone is going to bring to the table that is new

Amazon eco system that they fail to bring to standard Android devices.

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I think it looks like crap (was never a fan of HW buttons) but if they give them away for free, I'm sure some will use it

Software buttons can be modified easily(add/switch buttons), have their size increased/reduced, be hidden when not needed(immersive mode or be replaced with Pie) & Can have more gestures assigned to them(swipe to launch apps etc).

Not to mention on a phablet/tablet it always stay on the bottom in both portrait & landscape mode.

For me there is no reason to have HW buttons.

Most of those things one only gets with a custom ROM. So, for the many more people who never use custom ROMs that argument is rather flat.

But, hey, we all have things we prefer and that is OK. That's why we don't buy Apple.

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Not just Custom Rom, any phone that can be rooted can run xposed framework & modules that enable Nav bar tweaking(I am running Gravity Box on Nexus 5, Wanam Kit is also a good option) without need to wipe data.

Added to that, on phones like the MotoX.. The bezels especially the bottom one can be greatly reduced.

I have always been a fan of hw buttons.
Main reasons:
1. Never need to look for them.
2. Do not take up screen space.

Was never a fan of software buttons for main functions. Since I can't feel the software buttons I have to look to press the button. Fine for some things, but a pain for others.

Why? They made this so you can stream Amazon prime for free? This will die Like Facebook home with a 0.0006 market share.

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Kin lasted 6 months. 6 months too long

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Facebook home is the launcher that want popular but is still in the Google play store. The HTC first was the phone that lasted less than a month before flopping...

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Who cares about the looks.... does it work? Better screen, radios, battery life.... that's all that matters going forward. The looks are what the inside of your purse or pocket care about.... Will it get more frequent core software updates? Just remember that it'll be part of the Amazon closed eco system for sure. We'll see soon enough.

You have to hold the phone to use it. If someone doesn't like the look of it, that may prevent them from buying it. Personally I think aesthetics are a big part of any design. Why can't we have a phone that works good and looks good?

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While I agree with you, you're fighting a losing battle... I'd take an ugly phone that works great over a great looking phone with meh workings

Why do you have to choose. In this case you're getting crap looks coupled with what will likely be crap software

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I mean, by all means if two phones are equal then pick the one that looks better... But the way most of these comments sound people are choosing lesser phones because it looks better than a better phone... Looks should be the last deciding factor, not the first or second... Was my point

MEH.. obviously they couldnt come up with their own design so they just decided to pick and chose aspects from a couple phones. I HATE that fire OS crap, and amazons app store sux, the only thing thats gonna make this sell are the gimmicky 3d crap that should have already died (cause people are SUCKERS for gimmicks), and the rumored prime subscription that may come with it.


Not a fan of it. Looks like an iPhone. Because it is Amazon it will do well, but just not for me.

What do you get when you mix an iPhone, nexus 4 and a Galaxy S phone and then give it tiled UI from windows phone?

Dummys need dummy buttons and those two OEM's will cater to them as long as they need it. The rest of us have moved on.

But, your profile says that you use a Galaxy S4. That would either make you a dummy or a hypocrite, lol.

I have an M8 currently or did you overlook that? My GS4 was sold two weeks ago when I got my M8. My GS4 was the last Samsung device I'll ever own. So as you can see my comments are not from a fanboy point of view.

I didn't overlook that. Clicking your name, it shows that you still have the S4. Congrats on your M8!

Not accusing you of being a fanboy or any of that. It just seemed weird that you'd condemn the home button and call lovers of it dummies, but still have a device with a home button, lol.

I don't understand physical button hate. I've adapted to a full touch screen like everyone else, but I still appreciate having tactile button response that I can find without requiring software to make it work. If that wasn't a potential concern, than they'd probably find a way to make power buttons somehow software-based as well.

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HTC has tap to wake and LG has knock on pretty cool features that make the physical button a thing of the past. I don't hate it but after my GS4 it's a deal breaker because it's just a dated button that needs to be left behind. Lets face it Samsung does it because Apple does it and that's the only reason they have it on their devices now Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon.

I don't hate the home button, but I don't care for it either. After using the GNex, Nexus 4 and 5, I got used to using on-screen buttons.

Sometimes on screen buttons suck. I'll occasionally hit one when I am typing a message and my thumb goes too low on the space bar. Man that's annoying as ....

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Completely agree. I still don't totally understand the preference for on-screen buttons. IMO, physical buttons have more upside.

I will always prefer physical buttons over on screen buttons mainly because I'm guaranteed 100% of the screen available for apps where as with apps you have to wait for apps to use immersive mode and also it's 2 steps to do anything when in immersive mode. Example to go back or home you have to swipe 1st to bring up the buttons then go back or home where as with physical it's a 1 step process.

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I used to hate physical buttons back during the transition from the menu to the multitasking button. On screen buttons made this UI transition soooo much better and if google ever decides to update the core input of android again guess who will be all set? Those with on screen buttons! But physical buttons aren't a deal breaker. My first android phone had them and i do sometimes miss the ability to wake the phone easily without reaching for the power button. I don't ever miss the screen real estate though. It really isn't the be all end all of smartphones. If i need a bigger screen I use my tablet.

Same can be said of the Kindle Fire. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as the price and performance are right.

It combine several phone into one phone? iphone shape, nexus 5 speaker,galaxy button,back look like nexus 4(without blink)...

Looks sort of plain, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I can't imagine such a basic design competing with the heavy hitters.

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I'm assuming that they're going to call it Generica. Because that's exactly what it looks like. No doubt they'll sell a bazillion of them, if they offer them below cost. Which is what Amazon usually does when it wants to make its way into new markets.

Smart move by Amazon to move into the 4.7 niche. Unless the next Moto X stays in this size all the other flagships forfeited 4.7. It's leaving the door open for competitors to sneak in and it looks like Amazon will be the first.

Yes but your comparing this to flagship phones. This most definitely will not compete with flagships

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So, I'm going to go ahead and guess that Amazon chose this screen size, resolution, and design to possibly attract people that are looking to upgrade to a bigger iPhone this year. Since most OEMs are making 5-inch screen flagships, going with. 4.7 inch screen size ensures that Amazon won't run into supply issues and they'll be able to enter the market at a competitive price point.

I like quad core and 2gb of ram on a 720p screen. Pushes it along really nicely.

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Looks like the power button is on the left side. Why would they do that? That just seems like a weird placement that would make it very uncomfortable to turn on and off

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And to compound that, it's too close to the volume buttons. I'm guessing you could hit the power button when your trying to lower the volume.

I like the screws on the bottom -- if they're not dummy screw heads it bodes well for reparability.

I hope those matte sides are rubberized.

No thanks! Specs are lacking and not interested in Amazon's closed ecosystem.

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It looks more like a nexus 4/galaxy hybrid than an iphone to me. The only thing iphonish is the speaker on the front.

Have to see how it preforms...I have a Kindle Fire HDX and love it. If this is basically a Kindle Fire Phone, it will sell. Being able to stream off Amazon Prime and Video will be a big hit. Right now I can't stream Amazon videos on my S4 only Netflix and adding that extra tier of video options would be huge.

And personally I don't care what it looks like because I'd buy a 3rd party case anyway.

I like this. Looks very nice. I am unsure why people care what it looks like. Its what it is that counts, and what it IS, is very cool looking smartphone that I'd buy if the unsubsidized price was right.

No I didn't. I meant "looks very nice" in an overall sense. When I say I am unsure why people care what it looks like, I am referring to several comments about it looking like an iPhone or a Nexus four.

Sorry that I was not more clear.

I just can't even imagine a phone with "amazon" on it. Haha it looks like an iPhone, yes. But a lot of mock ups end up looking like them.

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Anyone notice it looks a lot like the Nexus 4?including the specs? The back?

Posted via a keyboard? The enter key?

Now that's a great 1st phone for Amazon! Amazon definitely knows how to make a solid device.

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Looks like a phone from 3 or 4 years ago, to thick and bezels are too wide. Doesn't look like a 2014 premium phone.

Sell it for $200, bundle Prime, and offer service at around $25-30 per month and many won't care how it looks.

There's only one thing that would make this phone worth buying - a dual LCD/e-ink switchable display that would allow you to have a regular phone and an e-ink Kindle in one device. Anything shy of this is simply yet another candybar phone running a truncated android.

A glass Samsung galaxy ace with the nexus 4 branding changed to Amazon? I hope it brings something new to the market that doesn't lock down the market in the same way their prime video service does - available on iOS and Amazon Kindle fire but not android?

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The back looks more of the lg optimus G, while the front looks like a gs4 mixed with iPhone.

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wow. 95% of these comments are about how it looks like a nexus and an iphone. ok we get it. Never mind discussing what amazon might do with their phones and why the heck will anyone buy a gimped version of an android phone.Nexus line seems it will be better and most likely $350. To me a nexus is bare minium of what i want when getting a phone. The new nexus wont do anything cool or new im sure. Thats the whole point of a nexus.

I almost feel like this is a test product. What is the amazon ecosystem. A OS that runs on slowed down android, less apps, has less movies than netflix, and doesnt offer any more reading capabilities than anything else out there.

If anyone from Apple saw this photo of Amazon's smartphone, They'll be laughing out loud considering how much money they're gonna make from the lawsuits from Amazon before they even sell a single unit .. haha! Plus they might have to share some with Google cuz the back surly looks like Nexus.