Optimus 3D

LG's Optimus 3D will be launching "exclusively" at the Carphone Warehouse on July 7, according to a statement released by the retailer today. UK networks Three, T-Mobile and Orange will also be selling the phone on-contract in July, so it looks like Carphone's exclusivity period may be pretty short-lived.

Right now the retailer's website lists the Optimus 3D for pre-order, for free on contracts of £35 or more per month -- around going rate for dual-core smartphones in the UK at the moment. To find out more about the Optimus 3D, check out our hands-on feature.

Source: Mobile Today


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Optimus 3D launching July 7 at Carphone Warehouse


Remember those giant phones Motorola made that came in a bag the size of a car battery, yet still somehow only got 45min of talktime on a full charge? A "carphone" is one of those. :-)

Actually what you described would probably be called a "bag phone". A car phone was generally one that was actually built into the car.