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It won't surprise anyone to learn that quad-core smartphones based on NVIDIA's Tegra 3 chip will be on show at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. But NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsung Huang has taken things further, with a claim that products announced there will be shipping inside of the first quarter of the year.

Speaking during NVIDIA's recent earnings call, Huang seemed in no doubt that we'd see Tegra 3 handsets on the shelves before the end of March.

"This quarter we are expecting to ship Tegra 3 based superphones. At Mobile World Congress is when we expect to announce these devices, and we expect to announce and ship them this quarter."

Pre-MWC leaks suggest that HTC will unveil the HTC One X, while LG will bring the LG X3, both of which reportedly run NVIDIA's new chip. So the suggestion is that one or both of these may actually be available to buy in just over a month's time. The supply chain can be an unpredictable beast, though, so we suppose it's possible we could see some slippage, even if manufacturer are aiming for late March.

We'll be live from Barcelona from late next week, bringing you all the developments from the show as they happen.

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NVIDIA CEO: Tegra 3 phones shipping 'this quarter'


Right now everything is tegra tegra tegra.... I will just shut down that though and turn on better ones about Quad Core Exynos...

One of the things about the Tegra 3 is that it's not only the fact that it's a quad core, but there's that 5th companion core that helps reduce power consumption.

Tegra 3 focuses on battery life.. it actually manages to get nearly twice the power of Tegra 2 and like 20% more battery life.. I'd say that's battery oriented. :)

Why don't you try the product first before you make an ignorant (and I don't mean this to insult) comment about the hardware again. If battery life is the same as modern smartphone devices but performs twice as better then I'd rather take this route.

If you want something with better battery life then focus your efforts on Snapdragon S4 phones with 28nm CPUs. THOSE ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU BATTERY WHINERS ARE LOOKING FOR!

I'll believe the shipping devices when I can buy one in March :-P

MWC phones have always been overoptimistic about shipping dates...last year, most of the ones announced in March weren't available in the US until the fall...that's 6 months unless you define a quarter as a half a year ;-)

Are we expecting a carrier announced at mobile world too? Or just the device? I would think carriers would want a bit more time than that to market the phone.

I don't care about any of this, Jen-Hsung... TELL ME MORE ABOUT 7" TRANSFORMER PRIME TABLET PLEASE! WHEN!?! ;_;

Quad core with the fifth core and an extended battery may just be the ticket. I use my phone for business purposes including laptop tethering and I need the ability to use my phone all day without recharging. 2-3 hours just doesn't cut it. Battery technology is so far behind the power requirements of today's smartphones it's ridiculous. And that's not whining, it's a well known fact. Even just talking using my Bluetooth earpiece drains my phone in less than 4 hours.