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Following on from today's Tegra 4i announcement, NVIDIA has unveiled the reference smartphone for its new platform, dubbed "Phoenix." Described as a blueprint which manufacturers can use in designing their own Tegra 4i-based handsets, NVIDIA's Phoenix incorporates the quad-core Cortex A9-based CPU with battery saver core, as well as 60 GeForce GPUs and NVIDIA's programmable i500 modem core. NVIDIA's "Chimera" camera tech is on-board too, boasting such features as always-on HDR and HDR panoramas.

This isn't a product you're going to find in your local carrier store, nor is it something you'll be picking up online. Instead, it's designed to demonstrate what's capable with NVIDIA's new chips. Other specs include a 5-inch, 1080p display, a chassis thickness of 8mm and 4G LTE support, and NVIDIA says it runs the latest version of Android.

It's also likely the chipmaker will be showing off its new platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, so keep it locked to AC in the week ahead for full coverage of NVIDIA's spicy new chips.

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NVIDIA announces Phoenix reference phone for Tegra 4i platform


Dayumm nvidia. I've never seen a sexy reference phone before. Seriously, the Nvidia Phoenix looks more polished than some phones I see in the stores

NVIDIA should seriously consider selling their reference device too, I know if it's priced right I might get it alongside my Nexus lol. Hell, I would be more than to use it as a development platform or rig it for other uses. The design looks sick and I'm very excited about Tegra 4 and the Tegra 4i (assuming it has a dual channel memory configuration which the Tegra 2 and 3 sorely lacked).