Motorola Connect

Motorola Connect is great service, and now it's no longer buried deep in the recesses of your Moto phone's settings. The update brings an updated look and feel for the app, as well as actually making the app a, well, an app. Motorola Connect has been promoted to the apps tray, which will expose the Motorola Connect services to the kind of users that don't poke around in Settings.

Additionally, Motorola Connect now has a "Ring my phone" feature that will enable you to trigger the phone to ring from your desktop so you can venture out and figure out which couch cushion it fell under.

Moto X and select KitKat-powered Droid users can grab the new Motorola Connect update for free from Google Play now, as well as the Chrome browser extension.

Thanks to Calvin for the heads up!


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Motorola Connect becomes a full-fledged app, will let you ping your phone


Not that it makes much of a difference, but it can still be found in the settings menu just like it was until now. The app actually looks pretty nice actually
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I'm not sure this is for the moto g or e. The description still says on the droids and the moto x

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I run Linux on my desktop and recently discovered kdeconnect, which allows me to see phone notifications on the desktop, and to ping my phone. Quite fun to play with it.

I miss my Moto X.

*posted from my HTC M8 GPE, which should be far superior to my old Moto X, but yet, still can't compete with it.

Ditto. Got the GS5 and missing mine, too. Looking forward to being one of the first to order the X+1.

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Agreed. If it weren't for the pending release of the X+1, I would have already ditched the M8 and gone back to active notifications, touch less controls, and a form factor that actually fits my hand.