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Microsoft had made its OneDrive cloud storage app available for Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets and its new Fire smartphone via its launch in the Amazon Appstore.

Microsoft stated:

"A couple of weeks ago, our colleagues on the Office team released the OneNote app, which gave Kindle Fire and Fire phone customers the ability to capture, organize, and share notes via OneNote. And today, they can now do even more with their OneDrive account; they can store, view, and share their favorite photos and important documents right from their phone or tablet. With OneNote and OneDrive, these users will have access to their notes and files and the ability to be more productive while on the go."

The launch of both the OneDrive and OneNote apps for Amazon's Android-based device could be a precursor to a version of Office for those products as well. A touch-based version of Office is rumored to be coming to Android before the end of 2014. What do you think of OneDrive's launch on the Amazon Appstore?

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Microsoft launches OneDrive app for Kindle Fire tablets and Fire Phone


Good for Amazon, on another note, I just stopped using OneDrive.

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Microsoft is not even close to dying.They areaVERY profitable company in areas which Google will never compete

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

According to the analysis. ..The Amazon Fire phone is the number one phone preferred by 7-12 year olds....and their advertising affirms this.

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Apparently Amazon and Microsoft are dying... I'm pretty sure both are doing fine. I actually use onedrive on my s5 to back up my photos.

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Since the Amazon App Store is also compatible with BlackBerry 10 devices, I gave it a try to install both OneNote and OneDrive on my Q10.

Sadly, the login page doesn't load in OneNote (stuck with "Connexion..." for ever), I can't connect thus can't use the application at all. That's weird as the OneDrive login page works fine. Microsoft Office guys, could you have a look at that issue please?

P.S. on a side note, accented characters (é, è, ô) should be allowed in user names: they *are* characters as opposed to the error message I got when trying to use them as part of my normal name :-(