Lenovo K900

Intel's Clover Trail processor is coming soon to the far east market

Remember back at CES when we looked at the Lenovo K900? Five months later and it finally has an official release date of May 6 according to Lenovo's Chinese website. There is no price or any other information attached, but it certainly looks like this one is destined for China and / or the rest of the far east only. And that's a shame.

I'm certain there are plenty of us here on this side of the world who would love to see the first Intel Clover Trail powered smartphone for sale. The 5.5-inch 440+ ppi screen hides a 2.0GHz dual-core Intel processor and 2GB of RAM, with a 13MP camera (including a Sony Exmor lens) around the back. It's all tied together with Android 4.2 inside a nice metal chassis. The whole package left us pretty impressed when we had a look.

If this one ever ends up in the Americas, I'd love to take it for a spin. In the meantime, we have some lovely pictures of it at the source link. At least Kobe gets to play with it.

Source: Lenovo; via: GSM Insider


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The Lenovo Ideaphone K900 is coming May 6; looks like the best phone you'll never get to use


VERY cool that they got Kobe as the spokesperson.. Not that sure what a star hoop player has to do with technology, but it's cool anyway.. Phone looks beautiful!

Basketball is HUGE in China, and Kobe is the #1 loved player over there. Who better else to get? Lenovo got the perfect spokesman.

Actually, its 0.5cm taller than the note II, but about about 3mm narrower and 2.5mm thinner. So the height would not be that big of an issue for me.

This looks very cool and I'm amazed they fit a 2500mAh battery in a phone that is only 6.9mm thin and managed to outscore the Galaxy S4 in the AnTuTu. Maybe Lenovo will grow a pair and decide to offer it here.

Not to pick nits here, but Sony makes the Exmor sensor, not an Exmor lens. Also, I'm pretty sure the PPI or a 5.5" 1080p screen is about 401ppi, not 440ppi, that is the pixel density of a 5" screen.

It's phones like this and the Oppo 5 that makes me hate US Carrier having so much control on what comes this way.


"Five months later and it finally has an official release date of May 6 according to Lenovo's Chinese website. "

What is it about journalism and editing that makes them terrible with math? Today is not five months after CES. The release date isn't even four months after CES. Five months later than CES is sometime in the second week of June.

I'm actually interested in this phone's ability to run an x86 desktop OS such as Ubuntu.

It would be cool to use it as a phone and when you come home you can just hook it up to a monitor (or even connect it to something like the motorola lapdock) and have a fully fledged operating system which can run legacy apps.

Performance on Clover Trail tablets is pretty decent and from just having a quick look at the specs of Clover Trail+ this seems to be a little bit faster especially in regards to it's gpu.

i am confused that k900 is a single sim slot or dual sim
and also that its battery is removeble or not
pls give me correct information about it.
pls anyone help me
as soon u know

seems like there would be another hardware version later, but the current one doesn't support dual sim and removable battery.