One of the more interesting phones to debut in 2013 has got to be the YotaPhone. (Seriously, you'll want to watch this.) Traditional color LCD display on one side, black-and-white e-ink display on the other. And no traditional Android buttons.

Strange, to say the least.

We're still not exactly expecting this guy to be a big seller in the west — but it will be making its debut in Russia next month. Dec. 4, to be exact, in Moscow. We hear it's cold in Russia that time of year. But the livestream should be plenty warm. Stay tuned.


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LCD/e-ink hybrid YotaPhone launches in December, in Moscow


I think Yota will failed with this phone because it will be hight priced like Samsung's or Apple's flagship phones, but not be so specced. And there is no commercial yet: about this phone know just a few geeky people.

Not everyone is a native english speaker. Think before you're trying to ridicule people, it makes you only look pitiful.

Oh, I didn't try to ridicule anyone. I just live in Russia and I know the backstory of this phone. If Yota will not to try to sell its worlwide, they just failed here in Russia because of price.

Funny fact: in Russian "ridicule" is a small lady's bag.

Uhmmm...I think he was actually defending you, by saying that the person who commented on your comment shouldn't ridicule you since English isn't everyone's primary language.

I wasn't commenting on the English so much as the actually content of the comment itself... calm yourself down, you might have an aneurysm.

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Too small to be a useful e-reader, too chunky to be popular as a phone - welcome to obscurity.

Pity it was not written by someone else with an open mind. I for one have been waiting for this since I first heard of it. I'm going to go out my way to get one. The authors attitude reminds me of the comments when the first note came out. I had one of those day one too.
These people so blinkered to new ideas.

I think its good think about it an ink display would consume less power better in bright sun light and then a conventional color display for when you nees it. Good idea to me

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I think this is an awesome concept. I've love to have an e-ink display on the back of my phone. (Not crazy about the "buttons" though.)

Unfortunately for this to be successful it will take the business power of someone like Samsung. I'm no Samsung fan, but they have the money and clout to get developers behind it, which is s must. Yota isn't gonna sell enough devices to convince developers to write for their api ... which is unfortunate.

I would love this just for the sake of changing the design on the back of my phone every day. Would be a cool added (very visible) level of customization without having to buy cases or stickers or any crap that hide the design of your phone. Not to mention other possibilities like using as a persistent notepad or list or something so you don't have to fire up your screen all the time to check it. But it'll probably be out of my price range, so I'll just have to draw stuff on the back of my N4 and pretend.